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Opinion Outpost Review

The Opinion Outpost Surveys at and owned by Dynata LLC is a market research and survey-taking company.

It has recently become part of Survey Sampling International (SSI) in which you can make a little money giving your opinions on products and services by filling out surveys.

Joining Opinion Outpost Surveys is free and is available to residents of the United States or the U.K. if you’d like to become a panel member.

OpinionOutpost has a points-based reward system in which you can get money put into your Paypal account when you reach their minimum payout amount.

Note: Opinion Outpost Surveys no longer does payouts by check.

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Many review companies claim they have moved on to different payment methods after fraudulent companies began sending out checks purported to be from OpinionOutpost Surveys.

Some of these fraudulent companies also contended Opinion Outpost was paying people to be secret shoppers, which is not true.

Again, this is not a reflection on OpinionOutpost, as they themselves are a legitimate company.

By taking Opinion Outpost surveys you accumulate points, and the basic point structure is 10 “points” for one dollar in the United States.

You get more points for doing more surveys (and longer ones), and you must accumulate 50 points ($5) to get paid. 

It is said that Opinion Outpost surveys pay between 10-100 points each, but most are in the lower range.

Opinion Outpost surveys options

When you join OpinionOutpostSurveys, you will be asked to fill out numerous “profile surveys” which are not rewarded with points.

But if you want to make money with them you should fill all of these out as you will have more opportunities to complete surveys that do pay if your profile is complete and up to date.

Another very important thing to know is that you must remain active with Opinion Outpost in order to receive points and therefore get paid. 

If you don’t at least attempt to qualify for a survey in a 3-month time frame, your account can and will likely be terminated.

Including any points, you have built up to that point.

The number of survey opportunities varies, as in any survey company.

But it appears you could expect 2-10 survey opportunities a month from OpinionOutpost. 

Again, that number could change – especially now that Opinion Outpost Surveys is under the SSI umbrella.

But that’s a fairly common base number in the legitimate marketing research industry.

There are also quarterly sweepstakes of differing amounts given away by Survey Sampling International.

And your entry will be combined with entries from other panelists under the SSI umbrella in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and the Netherlands. 

Your entry competes with other entries from residents of your country.

Some of those combined sweepstakes entries come from other SSI survey companies.

These include SurveySpot Research Panel, Opinion Outpost Research Panel, OpinionWorld Research Panel, Choozz Research Panel, and Your Voice Research Panel.

The quarterly sweepstakes from OpinionOutpost plus other SSI-related companies in the U.S. pays out $12,000. 

In Canada, the sweepstakes amount is $1,500 in Canadian dollars. 

It’s different for each country, but each drawing is held four times a year.

From my research, it appears there are many people who consider OpinionOutpost Surveys to be one of the better survey companies, and many who are disappointed.  

However, this is not out of the ordinary, necessarily.

But a factor in the wide variety of opinions from people who have joined could be in part due to the fact things have changed since they joined Survey Sampling International.

Also, many people are predisposed to be upset with being a panelist in a marketing research company when it turns out they don’t become wealthy from taking part in this business. 

And you might have heard this before, but I’ll say it again:

You’ll NOT become wealthy by filling out surveys for any company!

You will NOT earn $20 to $50 per survey completed!

That just never happens!

Opinion Outpost Surveys is a legitimate company and appears to be a valid way to make a little money in the survey-taking arena…

On par with most market research companies.

Just don’t expect to make a lot of money completing surveys with Dynata LLC’s Opinion Outpost.

Or ANY other get paid to complete surveys company. 

I do not recommend that you waste your time with paid surveys, in this case with OpinionOutpost Surveys.

Thanks for reading our Opinion Outpost review.

by David Harris | Updated on September 19, 2022, at 8:41 AM CST:



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Overall Rating

3 Comments/Reviews

Nicholas Firestone on :

Pay attention to what others say about their credibility, and notice the consistency of fraud; it is evident that this site is a scam. When I first tried this site, like I do with just about every site, I give it a try if I see some positive comments online. And it just so happened that I was reading someone’s top ten review page and for some reason, they had “opinion outpost” in their top three – surprisingly. Moreover, I would also say that one can never truly know who writes the reviews for most things online. Many times, it could be the owners involved in the website that are doing the reviews online. For this reason, in order to accurately determine the validity of a website, one should examine the consistency of not only positive, but mostly, how many consistently negative reviews are there. So then, back to my experience: after trying it out for a month, I noticed that I was getting a decent amount of surveys from them; I had accumulated $16.00 approximately. Finally, when I had cashed my money in for amazon credit, it said that my account was frozen… My first thought was…that’s very strange. Now, when I had this experience, I immediately looked online again to see their reputation for this kind of thing. And unfortunately, I discovered that they are well known for freezing accounts and never paying people. This was a recurring thing among reviews, a very prevalent problem indeed. Nevertheless, despite the evidence that it was a scamming website, I decided to personally contact them by phone and email. I left a message via phone and they never called me back. However, they did return my message through email, and they did sound professional as well. But still, sad to say, they eventually stopped communicating and have not responded to two of my emails in a month, and it has been two months since this happened. My advice to anyone, stay away from this site, it is a true scammer, and it’ll save you time and frustration.

Opinion outpost is a scam. I joined and I labored to get 120 points and tried to get it through PayPal just to test if it was real before committing more time to it. Their system says my PayPal is not validated and my account has been terminated. So I lost all my points. I tried to contact them. No response. IT IS A SCAM. They/their system can terminate your account anytime. I can’t imagine if after spending many months to get hundreds of points and they just terminate your account unjustly because you want to get the money you have worked. SCAM SCAM SCAM. PLEASE AVOID THEM!

mydogcricket on :

My account with Opinion Outpost was recently locked until I provided information to prove who I was… This seemed like a Phishing scam so I gave them only part of the information and explained that I didn’t feel comfortable giving all this info by email or over the phone and that I would gladly do it through their website. I was advised by emails ( which always came at 3 am) that I had to provide ALL the information to reactivate my account. They will not pay out the balance owed me until I provide the info..( that they already should have on file). So needless to say, I can’t recommend Opinion Outpost as I do not feel that my personal information is secure with them.


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