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My Points Paid Survey Income Opportunity Review

by David Harris

“MyPoints”, found at, is a GPT, or “get paid to” website site where you get rewards points and PayPal money by completing tasks such as paid surveys.

It is free to join in the US and Canada as long as you’re over 18 years old.

The tasks include doing paid surveys, browsing online for shopping, reading emails, playing games and more.

MyPoints also provides the chance to earn additional points by clicking on sponsored links, watching videos and taking part in trial offers.


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In that regard, MyPoints system points of 10 points equal $0.07 cents, so you can see it would take a while to earn sufficient points.

The minimum payout cap is $25 to get paid through PayPal. Incidentally, that equals 4550 points.

You can also opt for $10 dollar gift cards which only takes 1400 to 1700 to reach, but you will see that it may take quite a while to get to that point.

That is because tasks like these don’t usually pay very much on most reward web sites because MyPoints doesn’t take very much effort for doing them.

Market research clients use their service to lower overhead on ad placements in print and other media, so they can pass along the savings to users eager to get a little extra for things like holiday gifts.

Most customers report being satisfied with MyPoints and the way they get their gift cards promptly.

Although some MyPoints customers say that in order to get more points, users should focus on the shopping section, in particular buying more expensive items to increase point totals faster.

The few complaints from some users deal with growing membership. They feel that it seems to be a slower process accumulating points and getting accurate credit for tasks completed as more people join.

It is much better for you as a member to keep track of your own points and what you’ve earned as you go.

Other complaints on MyPoints are about not getting adequate customer service help to settle or dispute any discrepancy in your account.

You won’t get rich by any means with MyPoints, but if you like doing tasks for a little extra, then this can make a fun hobby.

However, based on complaints from users through online forums, MyPoints was once a pretty decent, legitimate website when they first started, but it appears to have taken a turn for the worse.

Lack of customer support help, points not being fully credited or at all, and some even having their accounts disabled or cancelled with no explanation make this service a disservice.

They will consider you a troublemaker and delete your profile if you request back payments among other things, according to many unhappy ex-members.

So when you put all that together, this does not feel like it’s worth a shot.

We don’t recommend MyPoints as a legitimate way to earn a substantial income from home.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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