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My Phone Room Review

by David Harris

“My Phone Room” is a service provider that not only recruits, qualifies and provides prospects – they will drive them right to your online presentation while you’re there!

It is, essentially, a “virtual” sales floor for the home business for a fraction of the price of a physical sales department in a leased office.

Besides building your business a qualified prospect list, they will book the qualified leads to your presentation daily and at the platinum level, they provide closing assistance AND automatically connect these prospects to your social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

If you want them to be your call center, they also have several tier levels to suit every business’ size and budget.

While they will not only provide these and many other services, My Phone Room will also train YOU on how to generate leads properly – and provide 500 leads instantly!

The fact that I have found almost nothing negative in my detailed search for what others say about My Phone Room is significant, but I’ve noticed that many reviewers just about say they the same thing.

Even the big guns like Mike Dillard, Dave Wood and Brian Fanale, and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Kiyosaki have also given their endorsement to the product as well as using it.

Their team is also a highly professional team in business – hired to work right here in the U.S.A. My Phone Room is located in Phoenix Arizona, not outsourced to Indonesia, India or the Philippines as many others are.

With My Phone Room, you will stop being frustrated by calling cold leads and wasting valuable time by delegating these tasks to professionals who are highly trained to handle frustrating tasks like cold calling leads and turning them into prospects.

They use either leads you buy somewhere else, your own leads or leads they can provide to call and qualify the leads with specific approval questions to turn them into prospects.

After qualifying the new prospects they are then sent right to your presentation for potential client engagement. This is indeed a very valuable tool for any home based business owner who needs a sales floor!

My Phone Room lets you have the time to manage your business no matter what type of business you have.

Their top-notch sales team is motivated to do the best job to help grow your business and build your reputation by having a professional staff introducing your business to qualified prospects who respect a company with a pro sales floor.

Membership prices begin at the RPH level of $97.00, but the real benefits come at the Pro level ($577.98 signup fee / $27.98 monthly sub), the Executive level ($1599.98 signup /$49.98 monthly), and Platinum level ($3499.98 /$49.98 monthly) – which give you practically unlimited resources to maximize your investment.

I will focus on the Pro Level package on this review, as it shows what My Phone Room does for your money at the level most home based businesses can afford to start with.

Among many benefits included is the lead generation training showing you 101 ways to generate 5-15 HOT leads per day, and three pages to customize with their step by step fill in the blank “EZ Lead Capture Webpage Wizard & Blog & Customizable Graphics”.

You will also have access to their Million Dollar Drop Card Marketing System software that gets you phone calls and web traffic.

Access to MPR (My Phone Room) Call Center provides filtering qualified and disqualified prospects, which includes never having to pay for wrong numbers, disconnects and no answers.

Plus, voice broadcasting, free voicemail, real-time leads calling to opt-ins (calls immediately generated to potential customers who opt-in to your website capture page), and an autoresponder (automatic call responder) are just a few more of the services provided.

MyPhoneRoom, created by J. Joshua Biegle, is an idea based on what several companies provide separately for less than the cost of using these stand-alone service providers.

I believe My Phone Room is practical and valuable to anyone working for themselves who are looking to have more time to enjoy their lives.

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