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My Fun Life

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My Fun Life Review

by David Harris | Updated on December 18, 2021 at 12:20 PM:

My Fun Life is from Dan Edwards and found at

It’s a multi-level marketing (MLM) business.

It uses the Travelocity booking system for its travel-based product arm.

My Fun Life provides no products, only a recruitment-based compensation plan, and that smells a lot like a pyramid scheme.

My Fun Life payment structure deals only in commissions on newly recruited members and their monthly fees.

You have to pay $21 per month to qualify to earn from the MLM compensation pay plan.

The free affiliate membership only gets you access to Travelocity’s own compensation plan that you can get from them directly.

My Fun Life is not needed to join the travel company itself.

However, they imply that this is an exclusive deal in order to get specials.

Many travel-based network marketing companies rely on this scheme.

My Fun Life system is really nothing more than a mobile app tied to a recruitment plan.

Not the travel company’s commission plan itself.

With the average paid app retailing for $.99, no mobile phone app program should ever cost $21 dollars.

I find it odd that nowhere on the My Fun Life website does it explain that it’s just an app.

In fact, I find it very annoying that none of the navigation bar links go to anything but the buy now / signup page.

Including the About Us section!

A word of warning about Dan Edwards:

He was involved in several terrible MLMs and pyramid scams including YTB which was taken to court by several U.S. states and sued by many.

Be wary of doing business with people with a questionable reputation.

My Fun Life already stands on shaky ground.

However, MLM has a short memory.

Most people that join them at the very beginning will forgive those transgressions to make as much money as they can.

That ship passes most of those who join farther down the line, unfortunately.

That is the biggest reason we almost never recommend getting involved in any MLM’s.

And it’s no different with My Fun Life.

With so many MLM business ventures and other travel pyramid schemes springing up like weeds.

And with so many people burned out or scared off due to previous bad experiences.

You will be hard-pressed to find one or two people to recruit, much less willing to get involved with something so sketchy.

MLM is a very tough business.

The failure rate of those that try network marketing, in general, is 86% to 99%.

This one is way closer to that 99%.

I do not recommend MyFunLife.

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