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Market America MLM Review

Market America is from JR and Loren Ridinger and found at

It’s a direct sales company that uses a slightly different model of multilevel marketing or MLM.

They call it the “Unfranchised” business opportunity.

However, no matter how you label an MLM, it is still an MLM.

That means distributors recruiting new Market America distributors, ad infinitum, so that money flows upward in a pyramidical shape.

MarketAmerica marks up the pricing of their products so high that selling them to end user customers is a very difficult challenge.


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This makes recruiting others into the business your way of getting anywhere with them.

On top of this practice of pricing excessively, Market America does not advertise their products nor do they want the sales reps to do so either.

It leaves you little choice but to go after people individually, or through meetings.

Certainly not off to a good start.

The ones you manage to sucker into MarketAmerica will be encouraged to bring people to the next meetings, and so on.

This sure feels like how they did MLM back in the 70s.


This Market America review has been fully researched with information, comments, and testimonials that are available on the internet to anyone in the public space.

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The term “Unfranchised” is actually nothing at all like a small business where you sell the products yourself the way you want.

The investment costs for MarketAmerica are so prohibitive that it is virtually impossible to make much from this.

I have talked to customers that were triple billed and had to initiate transaction disputes or charge backs through their banks.

Many have complained that after sinking $20k to $30k into Market America…

They were only able to earn about 1% to 2% of their investment back after a few months.

Another misleading practice MarketAmerica and its reps use is to convince prospects that shopping online will be immensely profitable.

There’s almost no chance of that happening.


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Market America also misinforms you that all you need is 2 people.

I’m sure what they are referring to is the nonsense, you only need to get 2, that get 2, that gets 2, etc.

When the reality is that to make anything even close to returning on your investment, it will take closer to $50.

If you have the kind of money to invest $1,000s info for about 8 months or so before you see any profit.

I can think of much better ways to invest all that capital than MarketAmerica.

If you don’t, then do not get anywhere near Market America.

You would get paid way better at a burger franchise, than this so-called Unfranchise.

Even though they do offer some kind of product, ridiculously high priced as it may be, to avoid the stigma of being labeled a pyramid scheme by fractions.

MarketAmerica will never ever get a positive recommendation from us.

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By expert author David Harris.



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