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LifeVantage Review

by David Harris

“LifeVantage” by David Brown, found at, is a multi-level marketing company.

It uses its own line of health and beauty aids products as the method of focusing on recruiting downline reps.

This is an attempt to not appear to be like a pyramid scheme.

LifeVantage is just another MLM that uses the usual tactics seen in other similar multi-level marketing ventures page for page.

From distributor hype that LifeVantage product Protandim cures everything to aggressive recruiting techniques.

There is nothing new here.

LifeVantage’s overpriced products are questionable at best.

They have had issues in the past with recalls of defective and harmful elements in their products.

What’s worse, LifeVantage failed to refund money on those products to many of their consumers who had to register complaints with consumer advocate agencies

The majority of their so-called peer reviews’ are manufactured and fabricated right at the top.

And have been known to allegedly not disclose real facts about how they came to deem their research as life curing.

You will find the usual cult-like environment of desperate recruiters’ insistent tactics when trying to bring you onboard.

Then anger and actual insults when you politely decline the offer.

You can forget customer service.

The numbers you will find only go to recruiters who won’t hear your complaints.

Rather choosing to attempt to recruit you to their downline.

I found endless documents on outing their phony research claims.

With court evidence of settlements and lawsuits from former reps.

As well as numerous complaints about LifeVantage from consumers.

The company, it seems, allows their reps to do whatever it takes to rope people in.

Including calling people who are on the Do Not Call List, and other unsavory practices.

We do not recommend MLM ventures here due to the 1% factor.

This means that only those at the very top make any real money.

LifeVantage is no different.

The sponsors make you buy into their pricey tiers so they can make their money.

And you may end up with a lot of useless products you overpaid for.

In most cases, you can’t even give it away as Christmas gifts without a raised eyebrow from the recipient.

Very rarely does anyone profit from LifeVantage when starting at the bottom.

That is unless they already have an army of downline sellers willing to recruit others.

But by now, most of those have already settled into their own ventures.

I do not recommend LifeVantage as any way of making a living.

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