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LegalShield Review

by David Harris | Updated on August 13, 2022, at 7:39 AM:

LegalShield is formally known as Prepaid Legal Services is found at

It’s a multi-level marketing business that sells legal aid packages as its core products.

There are so many issues with LegalShield I don’t even know where to begin.

But I’ll go ahead and start here…

There are so many bad reports and complaints about them that it’s amazing they are even still in business.

They have changed names at least once from Pre-Paid Legal Services to LegalShield.

And I know for certain they had a bad reputation with the previous name, too.

It looks like the name change was to get away from the bad reputation of the previous name.

LegalShield claims that for as little as $29.95 per month you can have access to help from the participating attorneys.

The actual help you get is bare-bones minimal and shoddy at best.

Then it was transformed into a Multi-Level Marketing business and that is where most of the problems began.

legalshield review

As so happens with most network marketing or MLM business opportunities.

More than three-quarters of LegalShield’s sales reps can’t sell more than 1 plan.

They fail to divulge any of this information to prospective sales representatives prior to them joining the opportunity.

In fact, the average LegalShield sales commissions are about $250.00 or so per year.

This means that there aren’t many people making any substantial money with this program.

The company pays an advance commission for the customer’s full 1-year service they sign up for.

However, many cancel before that year is up and LegalShield then takes back a portion of those commissions.

Besides getting others to sign up, you must also be signed up yourself first.

You will need to be a “product of the product“.

And sign on to their associate agreement, too while maintaining your membership or making 3 sales per quarter, or 6 sales a year.

If you do not meet their requirements, you will get dropped and lose your entire downline.

Yes, this includes all future commissions that you spent a lot of money on and worked very hard for, etc.,

Which, of course, LegalShield gets to keep all of…

Beyond being a huge red flag!

This alone is reason enough to never have anything to do with this company, ever!

How convenient for LegalShield…

Since most Legal Shield Independent Associate sales reps get the drop before they get the chance to enjoy any substantial earnings.

Most earnings would have gone to your upline anyway, but when they drop you it all goes to them after all.

This has to be the most unfair MLM to have ever existed!

In order for any of this not to happen, you must continually be a recruiting monster.

A 1 percenter.

Remember, the majority would only ever get 1 sale per year if they are lucky.

You are clearly set up to fail from the very beginning.

Do you think that LegalShield doesn’t know that there is a 90%+ chance that they will be taking over your downline at some point?

Many, many years ago when I was looking for work, someone contacted me saying they had a great job offer.

It turned out to be a recruiter for LegalShield back when it was still called Pre-Paid Legal.

It felt a lot like a timeshare presentation, only a lot more greasy.

Needless to say, I passed on this “fantastic opportunity”.

LegalShield continues to crank out similar reps today.

There are many limitations to the service Legal Shield’s participating attorneys provide that it does not seem like a worthwhile product.

Contracts over 15 pages cost extra.

One call or letter per legal matter to your participating law firm only.

The list just goes on and on and on.

Among complaints registered by upset users of LegalShield include incorrect contract evaluations, incorrect information on crucial forms like Medicaid, etc.

That and unusually long times to complete simple forms, failure to call back on time-sensitive matters, and so on.

Hundreds of more complaints I can’t list here makes LegalShield a dicey proposition, to say the least.

This is something you have absolutely no business trying to sell to others.

Having had an unpleasant recruitment experience, and having looked further into Legal Shield and its rather pyramid scheme like structure and rabidly aggressive recruitment tactics by desperate reps, I can say one thing.

Legal Shield is a multi-level marketing scheme that falls short of so many I come across, and that is saying something.

As most MLM business opportunities go, they all suffer the 85% to 99% failure rate as it is.

However, when you consider the substandard product on top of a terrible compensation plan designed for failure, you can see that LegalShield falls short of the mark in so many ways.

I can’t call it an outright scam since they don’t actually rip people off.

But it’s as close as you can get.

But nevertheless, I do not recommend doing business with LegalShield as a network marketing rep or as a customer.

Thanks for reading our LegalShield review.




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