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LegalShield Review

The Multi-Level Marketing business was founded by Harland Stonecipher and is formally known as Prepaid Legal Services.

In this review, we aim to find out if they are a legitimate direct sales MLM home business income opportunity or just a pyramid scheme.

Those of you that read our reviews regularly know our view on MLM businesses.

Yup, we’re not a big fan of them.

Legal Shield is a multi-level marketing business (MLM) that sells legal aid packages as its core products.

They have been in business since 1972 and have 1.7 million subscribers.

There are many bad reports and complaints about them.


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They have changed names at least once from Pre-Paid Legal Services to LegalShield.

Pre-Paid Legal had a mixed bag when it came to its reputation with its fair share of user complaints along with some happy users.

It looks like the name change might have been to get away from the bad reputation of the previous name.

Legal Shield somehow has an A+ Rating with the BBB, but that’s with a 1.91 out of a 5.00 star rating.

I don’t know about you, but that 1.91 or 38.2% sure looks like a failing or F grade to me.

legalshield bbb rating

LegalShield’s lowest plan is listed at $29.95 per month you can have access to help from the participating attorneys.

With the high end being at $149.00 for the Start a Business Plan.


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You are given access to 900+ attorneys across the US and Canada.

The actual help you get is usually on the bare-bones end of the spectrum, but it can still be much cheaper than going directly to an attorney yourself.

The Multi-Level Marketing business side of things is where most of the problems began.

That would be with their “Launch by LegalShield” program.

legalshield review

As so happens with most network marketing or MLM business opportunities.

Most people that get involved in MLMs are not successful to the tune of 90% plus.

Most MLMs fail to divulge any of this information to prospective sales representatives prior to them joining an opportunity.


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The average annual MLM sales commissions are very low as well.

This means that there aren’t many people making substantial money with this program either.

Besides getting others to sign up, you must also be signed up yourself first.

You will need to be a “product of the product“.

This alone is reason enough to never have anything to do with an MLM company, ever!

The bulk of most initial sales earnings would go to your upline.

In order to earn a substantial income, you must continually be a recruiting monster.

A 1 percenter.

The majority in MLM are lucky to get 1 sale per year.

When working with an MLM, most fail before they’ve even started.

Many, many years ago when I was looking for work, someone contacted me saying they had a great job offer.

It turned out to be a recruiter for LegalShield back when it was still called Pre-Paid Legal.

Isn’t this supposed to be a business opportunity?

Needless to say, I passed on this “fantastic opportunity”.

LegalShield continues to crank out similar reps today.

There are many limitations to the service Legal Shield’s participating attorneys provide that it does not seem like a worthwhile product to many.

Yet there are those that find great value in the offerings.

Although many of the products cost extra after a certain point, it is to be expected because of the usual comparative costs involved.

Among complaints registered by upset users of LegalShield include incorrect contract evaluations, incorrect information on crucial forms like Medicaid, etc.

That and unusually long times to complete simple forms, failure to call back on time-sensitive matters, and so on.

Hundreds of more complaints I can’t list here makes LegalShield a gamble when it comes to using their services.

MLM is already a tough business to sell as it is.


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MLM products in general usually have to be perfect and problem free to do well when trying to sell them.

That would be true of any product or service.

Am I biased because of my unpleasant recruitment experience… maybe.

Legal Shield is a multi-level marketing business that falls short in many areas.

As most MLM business opportunities go, they all suffer the 85% to 99% failure rate as it is.

However, when you consider the numerous customer complaints, LegalShield falls short of the mark in so many ways.

They are certainly not a scam as you do get value for the money in some respect or another but I can’t recommend anyone participates in the MLM side of this company.

The conclusions drawn for Pre-Paid Legal and Legal-Shield are opinions only.

Thanks for reading our LegalShield review.

By author David Harris. Updated on January 27, 2023, at 10:02 AM CST.



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I just got a text from LegalShield saying that at one point I expressed interest in working for them and asking if I was still interested. The text came from Oneil Thompson. I never applied for a job with them. I never respond to things like this without checking with the BBB or other source. I am appalled at the rating from BBB after reading about its lack of customer service. This is a hard pass for me!

Hello! I like your writing a lot! I come back to your site every time I see a new business I might be interested in. Keep up the great work exposing these businesses. I will take a pass on Legal Shield as well.

Robert Salas (Ednan) on :

I actually, four hours ago received a phone call from legal shield only now it’s It’s a great coincidental that I happened to view your site on shield. Backing out from agreement with them.thanks. ..


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