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iSecretShop Review

iSecretShop is found at, it’s a mystery shopper company app that is only available for iPhone.

You have to be careful using them because there are scams out there with their name on them.

More details to follow on that in a moment.

Let me explain a few things briefly.

First, iSecretShop does have a disclaimer warning people about a fraud alert on a scam using their name.


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Mystery shopping is a service used by unbiased market research companies and regulatory organizations.

As well as by companies who want to measure the quality of service, compliance with regulations, and information gathering about products and services.

The mobile phone application is used for many things including shopping, listening to music, and much more.

A mystery shopper scam is when a scammer contacts you to receive a phony check from them.

Usually using a legitimate company’s name which they tell you to deposit, take a portion, and send them the rest, leaving you holding the bag.

Verify that the company is who they say they are by contacting them directly before you do any business with them.

Make sure a business such as iSecretShop is listed with the approved mystery shopper organizations.

There is a small fee to join and install the iSecretShop app.

I must advise you that this app is very hard to delete from the app store on your phone no matter what you try to get it out.

iSecretShop has a large number of issues to watch out for in many forums across the internet.

Noted here are some of the grievances people have reported including lots of login error complaints.

Some have complained that iSecretShop refused to pay for some of the jobs they have completed.

They also cancel your account if you don’t complete all the tasks they provide.

The iSecretShop has issues with submitting smartphone Captured photos.

It will simply not accept them, which is peculiar for an app of this nature not to be able to function properly.

The mobile website also has problems with accepting photos as well.

You will most likely have to end up emailing your photos to the iSecretShop email provided in their contact area.

Those issues, though, all may be design flaws from the web designer, Apptivate, or incompatibility with Apple store apps.

The majority of users complain that there are little to no missions in their areas.

Some have even waited up to a year or more to receive any tasks.

Those that did receive a task in a year’s span were given assignments that were:

1) About an hour or even 5 from where they live;

2) Jobs only paid about $10 to $40 dollars; and

3) They had to wait a minimum of 45 days to receive compensation including whatever items iSecretShop had them pay for before engaging in the assignment.

There are plenty of legitimate mystery shopper businesses that pay on the same day or a couple after.

So waiting that long for iSecretShop to pay out is unnecessary.

You should also be aware that if you;

Do not follow the requisite instructions, (some of which can be as long as 7 or 8 pages)…

If you miss even one step they will forfeit your shopping assignment regardless of whether you spend money or travel time to do it.

Never mind that you followed their directions almost to the tee.

It will not matter to iSecretShop even though you may get 90% to 98% of the assignment done.

It’ll just end up being a free evaluation for them and you will be out of your money and time.

It should be noted that, unlike iSecretShop, just about every one of the authentic non-scam companies does not charge you a fee to join.

I am not insinuating that iSecretShop is a scam.

But I will say that it will most likely not be worth the headaches you will undoubtedly face at any point.

We do not recommend iSecretShop as any way to make anything even a quarter way decent.

Better to be safe and keep it off your mobile phone.

Thanks for reading our iSecretShop review.

by David Harris | Updated on August 22, 2022, at 8:13 AM:



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P/T Survey Job Isecretshop Inc 8441 SE 68th St PMB 352 Mercer Island, WA 98040 Hello You have been selected for an assignment as a Detective Shopper in your area And you will earn $200 per Shopping/evaluation. Your part-time employment packet will include funds for the shopping A full job description will be sent to you before your assignment Only interested applicants should respond.

This website and app is probably a scam and I should have read the reviews before signing up. The 1/2 star rating states it all.


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