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Isagenix MLM Review

Isagenix is an MLM by John Anderson and Jim and Kathy Coover with their corporate headquarters located in Gilbert, AZ., and is found online at

In this review, we aim to find out if they are a legitimate direct sales MLM home business income opportunity or just another pyramid scheme.

Those of you that read our reviews know our view of MLM schemes, I mean, businesses.

Yup, we’re not a big fan of them.

So yes, this is an MLM or multi-level marketing income opportunity business with a focus on building a downline to create a residual income.

This residual income is rarely ever achieved by the average person that tries any MLM business.

Isagenix uses a line of dietary products as their front to keep from being labeled as a pyramid scheme because all real MLM businesses have to have actual products.

isagenix mlm products

Most MLM businesses view their products as simply a formality to make what they are doing legal.

This is as opposed to creating products that people actually need and want and can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

However, reasonable prices don’t translate into big commissions… do they?


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And as to whether the Isagenix products are helpful or not is not really our issue here to discuss.

This review is only to determine if this is something that is worthwhile doing as a home business taking for granted that the products are viable.

The fact that the business model is Multi-Level Marketing is at the heart of our skepticism.

Right from the start, we found that Isagenix is a highly marked-up product.

It is no better than your garden variety of diet pills you can easily find at your local pharmacy or health food store.


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The reason for this is usually because companies like Isagenix earn huge from people buying it in bulk as distributors who then try to sell the exorbitantly priced items.

Or worse, who try to get their friends and family to sell them, usually with little to no success.

Besides discovering that certain Isagenix MLM leaders at the top have been indicted for false claims of their product having miracle cure properties.

The company itself has yet to really prove scientifically any of the false claims.

That’s usually because they cannot substantiate those claims with valid proof.

Claiming the product is beyond amazing is a usual tactic used to sell products like these through the network marketing business model.

So while Isagenix distributors use ploys that include pseudoscience nonsense, and misrepresentation.

And in the case of the distributors who were indicted, Isagenix does not stop them from continuing these shady practices.

That does not surprise me as most health and beauty aids MLM businesses to turn a blind eye to this.

That is until they themselves are brought up on charges.

Be aware that in the language in the disclaimers, Isagenix states that its products do not treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

They use this FDA-required verbiage to absolve themselves from any responsibility for their products working or not.

However, the real issue at heart here is whether or not you will make a living selling their products.

Or, more to the point, recruiting people to recruit others and so on to earn an income with this.

We have to say that this Isagenix MLM will not help you earn a substantial living by selling their overpriced and questionably effective products.

Like the majority of multi-level marketing companies, you and those who buy their sales kits will be cannon fodder for the top earners’ profits.

Most people will never make more than they spend on monthly product auto-ships and paid promotions.

Especially when you take into account that most people looking to start up in this or any MLM business will seek out a top sponsor to join rather than a beginner.

This phenomenon is called “Sponsor Shopping” and is actually the true #1 reason why people fail to make money in any MLM business.

Yes, even higher than finding good traffic and leads… substantially higher!

After all, those leads will also be taking a look at the top sponsor’s funnels, and become their lead, as well as yours, and will end up joining them instead of you.

We categorically do not recommend anyone participate in any kind of MLM business.

This is not something we recommend you do in this instance either.

Thanks for reading our review of Isagenix MLM.

by David Harris | Updated on February 9, 2023, at 9:41 AM CST:



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My mother almost got sucked into this MLM. A woman set her up with powdered shakes, then my mom broke out into a full body rash!


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