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InboxDollars Review

Updated: December 9, 2021

by David Harris

InboxDollars found at and owned by Cotter Web is a bit more than just an online paid surveys site.

At InboxDollars you can earn money by not only taking surveys, but also by reading email, shopping online, product testing, and playing online games.

      Click HERE for the #1 Free Paid Surveys – Join Free Now! is more like an online rewards club that is free to join.

Inbox Dollars pays you 1 to 10 cents to read a few advertisement emails they send you per day.

And you even get paid to interact with the ad itself.

It’s also like an online shopping club as well.

You get paid a little bit more when you take the Inbox Dollars surveys.

How it works is the research company pays InboxDollars and Inbox Dollars pays you to complete the survey.

You can also get paid to shop and search the internet.

Unfortunately, you have to spend money to get a small percentage back on what you pay.

InboxDollars makes their money by having you sign up with their partners including eBay and Stamps.

You earn $6 to sign up and make a bid on eBay while Inbox Dollars makes about $30 off you.

They make $50 if you take Stamp’s free trial while you make $10.

If you don’t cancel the free trial you will be charged monthly while InboxDollars makes the large majority every month you are charged.

I usually see a few complaints here and there about most companies.

However, I was astounded by the amount of rip off reports, complaints comments, and the like.

There were just overall bad reviews that I believe InboxDollars should be considered a scam if it weren’t free.

Yet since it is free to become a member, you are taking your chances of getting spammed by this company and its ad partners and affiliates.

All for what amounts to a couple of cents per email you read.

Although there are a few users of InboxDollars out there who might swear by this site…

There are enough horror stories of people not getting paid the credits for work done.

And customer service nightmares warrant a strong warning to completely stay away from InboxDollars.

Does this sound like something worthwhile to me?

Of course not.

I do not recommend InboxDollars.

I do, however, recommend “Survey Junkie” as it is a much better option…

Join Survey Junkie free here:

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