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High Ticket Hijack

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Type of Business: High Ticket Commissions Method
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High Ticket Hijack Review

High Ticket Hijack is from Leigh and Glynn Kosky along with Rod Beckwith.

It is a complete online-based software that is a high-ticket product sales funnel.

It includes everything needed to successfully run a high-converting affiliate marketing business.

You have a choice of using their pre-made funnels for some of the most popular, high-converting, big-ticket products.


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Or you can easily and quickly create your own big-ticket funnels.

High Ticket Hijack includes customizable tools that will combine funnel builders, domains, hosting, graphics, and, bonuses to offer, among other things.

All into one marketing system to sell specific, well-known, high-ticket products.

These are the same tools used by the top affiliate marketers that give them an unfair advantage over everyone else trying to make big affiliate commissions.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, in most cases, people tend to go after low-ticket products because they perceive those as being the easiest sales to make.

The problem with this thinking is that it takes a huge amount of sales to equal one big-ticket sale of $500 or more.

For instance, you would need to make 20 low-ticket sales at $25 each to equal a single $500 sale.

Usually, when sending cold traffic to high-ticket affiliate offers, it will result in very low conversion rates.

High Ticket Hijack has created a 3-step process to solve this problem:

1 Select a high-converting, high-ticket offer to promote from the list.

2 Select a done for you are free gift incentive offer to give away to capture interest and leads.

3 Plug into the free traffic system to make those high ticket sales.

I found it interesting that although you are generating leads, the leads you generate are for any other promotions of your choosing down the road.

They are not needed to make money with this system.

There is no need to do any email marketing in order to make high ticket sales with this method and tools.

This is because the system does such a good job of converting visitors into sales on a given webinar.

It builds your list while making you commissions, without sending out any emails first or in follow-up.

High Ticket Hijack builds your email list and makes you commissions at the same time.

The visitors are offered an incentive to attend the webinar but will need to enter their email addresses and show up for the webinar in order to get it.

Paid advertising is unnecessary in order for this to work.

Proven traffic shortcuts are included and will quickly get you targeted visitors that turn into sales.

You get over-the-shoulder guides that walk you through the process from A to Z.

From initial setup, customizing your lead & money pages, right thru to traffic, scaling, and beyond.

You’re pre-approved to promote various top-converting, premium offers with proven sales records from the very beginning.

These evergreen offers were hand-picked for the High Ticket Hijack method to get you the best possible results as quickly as possible.

High Ticket Hijack works so well because it directly converts new leads into big commissions.

You have access to 100 premium lead magnets that appeal to a massive audience.

The user software interface is very intuitive and easy to set up and get going.

I’ve been looking for a system like this for myself for a very long time.

It does all the work for you that can take weeks to set up with other software.

I highly recommend the High Ticket Hijack software and system.

You can take a look at it here:


Thanks for reading our High Ticket Hijack review.

by David Harris.



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