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Herbalife MLM Review

The Herbalife opportunity is from Mark R. Hughes and is found at

It is a Multi-Level Network Marketing Company (MLM), that specializes in retailing various health and wellness products.

In this review, we aim to find out if they are a legitimate direct sales home business income opportunity or just a pyramid scheme.

Herbalife has been very successful over the years generating over three billion dollars in sales.

That’s pretty impressive, right?

I would agree, but the important factor is how you can make money with this network marketing company.

Let me emphasize the fact that regardless of how successful Herbalife itself is, and/or how great the products are, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will duplicate their results.

MLM is the hardest business to become successful with.

Herbalife is no different.

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In some ways, it may be much harder because the business has been around for a very long time.

It’s usually the new MLM businesses that get a lot of growth and activity.

That is until the leaders dry up that well of new business and end up leaving to move on to another new business.

And this is primarily because of the company’s marketing strategy.

If you have to do all of your own marketing with Herbalife, trying to talk your family and friends into buying products is one thing.

However, trying to find major distributors with no marketing experience can easily discourage anyone from wanting to continue with this home-based business opportunity.

In order for the average person to be successful in any MLM business they must have the ability to be on a level playing field with their competitors, and everyone else in the same business.

One sure way for the average person with no previous marketing experience to be successful with any MLM including Herbalife is to find one that provides its own in-house marketing/advertising.

This is so you don’t have to go out and seek customers, instead, they seek you out.

Again I’ll say that although Herbalife may be a great company with great products, its marketing materials are not very good.

So unless you are great at convincing people to buy from you, I would only go with a business that brings the customers to you instead.

I do not recommend being a multi-level marketing salesman or rep for the Herbalife MLM business.

Thanks for reading our Herbalife MLM review.

by David Harris | Updated on August 13, 2022, at 5:29 AM CST:



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