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Harris Poll Online

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Harris Poll Online Review

The Harris Poll Online opportunity is found at and is a free to join paid survey site owned by Harris Interactive.

They claim to have over 6,000,000 members in almost 90 countries.

The minimum age requirement to join this offer is 13.

Harris Poll Online does not offer any cash payouts to speak of.

They reward you with points for participating in their surveys.

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Points can be redeemed for gift cards, and you can opt to enter Harris Poll’s sweepstakes every time you take a survey.

The maximum available on gift cards is just $10.

You can also donate your points to the charities HarrisPollOnline lists on their website.

Some surveys deal with interesting topics including religion and politics but most are typical research surveys.

Harris Poll Online tries to keep its surveys interesting and relatively short, between 5 to 30 minutes.

Most of the time, you will only be making $0.15 to $1.50 on average per task completion.

That is an awful lot of time spent to make only a few pennies.

A large portion of the incentives is just magazine subscriptions and gift cards.

You won’t always qualify for every survey.

You can’t set your own password up because they make you use what they issue to you.

Because of this, occasionally you’ll have issues with logging in.

Just keep trying and if the problem persists try contacting their customer service.

Survey invites from Harris Poll Online are now more infrequent than in past years.

So it takes a long time to be able to cash out.

Also, the gift card redemption can’t go over ten dollars including postage, which they used to cover before too.

Harris Poll Online does not take you to any shopping links anymore either.

You have to go to the stores’ online sites to redeem your gifts or gift cards.

Now they require that you have a credit card.

It’s frustrating that HarrisPoll doesn’t list the value of a survey at the start.

So you never know how much you earn.

That’s really convenient for …only them.

Be careful about giving out your phone number or home address when they ask for it.

They say they keep your info private, but be safe.

The HarrisPollOnline name is, unfortunately, being used by scammers for fraudulent purposes.

Beware of those who offer scam things like mystery shoppers and free gift cash, etc.

Make sure you are dealing with the authentic site only by Harris Interactive.

The earnings are very low and the survey invites are very sparse.

It would be better for you to spend your time doing something, anything else… like watching TV.

It really is that much of a waste of time.

So, don’t bother with Harris Poll Online.

I do not recommend HarrisPoll because Survey Junkie is a much better option…

Join Survey Junkie free here:

Thanks for reading our Harris Poll Online review.

by David Harris | Updated on August 16, 2022, at 7:22 AM CST:



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Overall Rating

11 Comments/Reviews

Cannot redeem rewards (and I had a lot of points –) — said my password was incorrect — would not send link for new password (I tried TEN times). Did not return phone calls (THREE times) and email was answered by saying they would send link (But didn’t) and would not respond again. on :

Is a scam. Once they get your data and information you cant get back in anymore to cash out.

FormerCustomer on :

Definitely not worth it and consumer beware before considering it at all, they never answer their customer service system and only use excuses about it that are clearly thin as straw. May seem food but not a good result when you’ve spent time only to not get the promised credits at the end. Stay far and use some other vetted company instead.

I’ve been doing surveys with them for nearly 10 years, mostly with no problems. As soon as I complained to the “contact us” link because they didn’t credit me for a survey that I completed, the survey invitations stopped. I clicked the “contact us” link again to ask why the invitations stopped. I haven’t gotten any response from them. This is the ONLY way to contact them – no email, phone or any other avenue of contact. I’m going to try to cash out my points and drop them.

They used to poll people/ households for opinions. Thru mail. Now i GET OFFERS THRU E-MAIL they many pollsters have become phishers and mining pools of information they can sell, to the highest bidder to persuade us to change our minds on who we vote, services we use Now that the revelations of the miss use of social media by many/both sides is cumming out. How we have become targets of many. We need to be cautious of who we sell our opinion to. Today we can be our worst enemies by revealing our preferences, they have found out how to target our weaknesses. Trust no one but your SO I took a survey for $10.00 check about 2 months ago, they stated selling my info faster than the speed of light I finally got my check snail mail about two months later. I only came here to find out if Harris Polls seeks volunteers for polls I know that they used to poll customers based on purchases of products and services,

I am having the same problem with Harris Poll Online. I cannot get into my account, says my password is wrong but will not let me change it. Continually says my birthday is incorrect – how stupid is that. I have emailed so many times I have lost track and they do not even respond. I even sent a letter with all my emails to their mailing address – no answer. I continue to get their surveys every day and take them and they award me points and I had many accummulated when I could still check them. I never had any trouble for years so do not understand WTH is going on now.

I kept using HarrisPoll on and off for about 3-5 years. I’ve never had anything to complain about. Every survey, whether you qualify or not, gets you some points. They used to have a cash option way back when I first joined, but they don’t anymore. I just now started to check my points balance, and while it did say my log-in info was incorrect and I had to set up a new password, all my points were there. I looked at all the rewards, and I felt that Amazon best suited my needs. I had over $250 in points towards Amazon gift cards! Yes, it took a while, but I wasn’t active for a lot of that time, so imagine the rewards I could have had if I did it every day! So far, I cashed out four $50 GCs to Amazon, and I received the codes with 48 hours each time. It sucks that the other people commenting here have had bad experiences. I’ve had nothing but great experiences.

I am also a Survey Junkie member, and I do like how it tracks your points to cash right there on the home page. I also like how it gives you 2-3 points even when you don’t qualify. I joined that about 6 months ago (also not very active sometimes), and I’ve cashed out $65.00 so far.

Several years ago, I was a member of Harris and had to drop out due to time constraints. I have tried many times in the past 3-4 years to get back in but, its thanx but no thanx. I thought I might be doing them a favor, but I’m not losing sleep over them.

would not recommend

I have been doing survey for harris poll for even and even. No problem until the other days, which is months now. Say bday is incorrect. I have email, called them, facebook messager them too. Still trying to cash out over $50.00 dollars in points.

I had been with Harris Poll for a couple years with no issues. I always cashed out for Amazon gift cards as soon as I built up points as we use the funds for ebooks. I decided to let the points build up for a couple months since we had a reserve of gift cards credited on Amazon. I always finish the surveys and they’re accepted. I went to sign in one day and it kept saying log in information wrong ? I contacted customer service and they said I have to change my password. I try that but it says my email is not found in their records. However, I am still receiving surveys with my name on them ? I contact them again and they say they have to reregister me but they are not accepting new applications at this time. I contact them again and say if that’s the way they work things OK, but I have close to $30 in points I earned and I want them. I get a message back that I forfeit my points. Checked this morning and I have 2 surveys from them in my email. clicked one that had my name on it. Completed it successfully. Tried to sign in again and my email is not in their records ? They ripped me off.

Doing survey’s for this Harris Poll Online is a waste of time. I joined for Amazon gift cards to get books. You cannot cash in? The checkout is always temporarily down. I sent them a message after it being down for weeks but no reply. I was saving my points for a telescope lense from Amazon so I have a large number of points. I guess that was time wasted. Live and learn.


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