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Gano Excel

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Gano Excel MLM Review

Gano Excel is from Leow Soon Seng and is found at

In this review, we aim to find out if they are a legitimate direct sales home business income opportunity or just a pyramid scheme.

Those of you that read our reviews know our view of MLM schemes, I mean, businesses.

Yup, we’re not a big fan of them.

GanoExcel is a specialty gourmet coffee company with a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model used to recruit people to recruit others.

Gano Excel MLM Coffee Products

But our focus in this review is mainly on the network marketing aspect of any company that employs the MLM scheme to grow its numbers.

The coffee product Gano Excel sells separates itself from other coffees by mixing a mushroom called Ganoderma into the blend.

And this mushroom is claimed to have medicinal qualities.

Those with only slight side effects among those with allergies found by cancer research facilities and university studies.


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It’s diluted in the Gano Excel blend to make it safe to ingest.

But you might want to consult your physician just to be on the safe side.

It is a fungus after all.

That ends the section about the actual product.

It has been well documented that joining the MLM arm of Gano Excel will not result in any substantial long-term earnings.

It makes sense, as almost all those who try to make it in the MLM industry fail at it fairly quickly.

The law of averages has been factored in as a 99% failure rate with product-based MLMs, and GanoExcel is no different.

Most multi-level marketing companies are, at their core, a method of making legal ways to launder investments.


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This is through a means of providing products for their pyramid-style business opportunities.

Meaning that companies like Gano Excel have you concentrate on recruiting as many people as possible.

And then they must recruit others in order for you to make money with it.

At the same time, GanoExcel will have you and your recruits buy their products continuously as everybody recruits others endlessly.

How they do this is with the top earners luring anybody they can into believing they will achieve the same results as them through embellished claims of income growth.

And often false advertising about the products.

So those who fall for the scheme spend more than they gain and eventually quit.

Thus the reason for recruiting more suckers into the business will also eventually drop out in disillusionment and frustration.

Incidentally, Gano Excel has been admonished for serious violations of misbranding and exaggeration of claims of medicinal treatment of various illnesses by the FDA.

One CEO of GanoExcel has been sued by international governments for fraudulent misappropriation of funds and criminal conspiracy against the public.

At least once in its existence, Gano Excel has shut down operations in the US and Canada for reasons I won’t get into here.

When you take into account these and other issues including countless complaints.

And aggravations lodged publicly by unhappy members you can see that Gano Excel has its share of skeletons.

Gano Excel does have an auto-ship program that takes money from your bank account to send you more every month just like other coffee MLMs.

You will be locked in to buy their product in order for your upline to keep making money.

If you were lucky enough to be a part of Gano Excel at the very top in the beginning then you will do very well on any MLM.

But by now you will most likely be at the very lean end of it.

Another red flag to watch out for is right on their site on the Comp Plan page which tells you nothing just like on their Compare compensation plan page.

They pose a question, “How do I get paid” and their rather glib answer is, “What the heck is a compensation plan?”.

Well simply put, it’s the many ways you get paid at Gano Excel.”

The cost of the actual product can be as high as up to 3 or 4 times the price of some coffee found in grocery stores.

It may or may not taste good and might or might not possibly be good for you but that is not our concern.

Even though it is not an actual scam, our issues with GanoExcel are unsavory practices.

And the multi-level marketing approach in particular.

For that reason, we will not be recommending GanoExcel as a way of earning a living or even a part-time income.

Thanks for reading our Gano Excel review.

by David Harris | Updated on June 19, 2023, at 11:01 AM CST:



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I wish you would have given more details about why not work for Gano Excel, I’m a consumer of their products, and my parent raise me with values, and moral standards but never got involved. MLM until I use Gano excel product, I’m a diabetic, and Gano excel have to help me control my sugar level with their Ganoderma Lucidum products, it has helped me to the extreme that I have not developed any effects from this “silent death” condition I’m very happy that someone that care introduce me this product.

maxvasquez on :

we, first of all, did NOT call Gano a scam. Hope you read the article. What we do not approve of is the MLM based business model as it has a 99% failure rate for too many reasons to mention here. A product may be well and good but if it has a poor marketing arm that’s what we go after, not the product itself unless it’s a really shoddy one.


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