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Freedom With Writing

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Freedom With Writing Review

by David Harris

Freedom With Writing by Jacob Jans, found at, is a writers’ ezine, or internet electronic magazine publication.

It connects freelance writers to companies in need of them.

FreedomWithWriting is a little bit of a let down in that they send you links to job sites that try to get journalists to write for free in hopes that you can eventually make money.

Freedom With Writing is more like an online writing magazine with articles and links to third party clients you might be able to get work through.

FreedomWithWriting is free to subscribe.

But they don’t provide any actual jobs.

Just those links to some job sites that are nothing but content mills that most times pay less than $1 per article.

Freedom With Writing is not much of a job board since they’re really just a middleman for pay-nothing sites like Freelancer and others that mainly want you to trend more than actually write.

Constant Content is, however, one of the sites that FreedomWithWriting will send you to, but beware, Constant Content has very stringent rules as to what they accept.

Often, many who submit works are disqualified permanently by Constant Content if their articles continue to get rejected regularly.

Freedom With Writing leaves this information out.

Then there are the low to no skill needed sites that you have to subscribe to which may sell your info to their 3rd party clients which results in lots and lots of spam in your inbox so read their terms closely.

Having said that, Freedom With Writing does have interesting and sometimes valuable and informative articles on writing and writing-related topics.

There are 2 different camps divided on how they feel about FreedomWithWriting.

After much research, both camps’ arguments have merit.

On one hand, there are those who find the information on Freedom With Writing to be of use and they have no problem with the small amount of money they get paid to write for their clients.

On the other hand, there are those who find the site lacking in the most important factor, which is the actual jobs themselves.

This other camp feels the pay from Freedom With Writing’s third-party clients is so low that it can be somewhat counterproductive to work so much for such a small amount of compensation.

Either way, the owner of Freedom With Writing does state up front that they are not the ones who provide the jobs, just the links to those who do.

While that can be a noble deed, it would be more substantial if Freedom With Writing’s vetting process could be more stringent towards the kind of work their clients offer to users looking for work.

As long as Freedom With Writing’s third party job providers do not turn out to be spammers who want you to pay to join their sites in exchange for mountains of spam, this service is a valuable one.

Since it is free to join, I see no harm in signing up and trying it for yourself.

As long as you know that any work that comes to you comes from their clients and is subject to their compensation plans, terms and rules and not Freedom With Writing’s own.

I highly doubt that you can make a living with the service Freedom With Writing provides but you might be able to rustle up some gas money or the like.

If you like to write for very little compensation in return, like a hobby more than a job, then Freedom With Writing might be for you.

It is not a scam, in my opinion.

However, I cannot recommend Freedom With Writing as a way of making a living.

This is the point of our company to point you towards those business opportunities that you can actually earn decent money with from working online.

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