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Fiction Profits Academy

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Fiction Profits Academy Review

The Fiction Profits Academy is found at and is an online product and marketing course.

The program was created by Karla Marie, who has been publishing and marketing e-books for the past five years.

They promise to teach people how to write, market, and profit from the production of fiction e-books.

In this review, we aim to find out if is legitimate or a complete waste of time and money.

She has studied the various markets to determine what works and what doesn’t and has come up with a system of marketing a book that will ensure it has maximum visibility and profits.

The cost of the Fiction Profits Academy program is a 1-time fee of $1,997 or you can make 4 monthly payment installments of $649.

As part of the package, Karla Marie provides mentorship and guidance to her students, which some students feel is more valuable than the money spent.


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She provides mentorship, resources, templates, and strategies on how to become a successful author, as well as advice on marketing, publishing, and distribution.

In addition, members of Fiction Profits Academy receive access to her publishing network, which assists authors in selling, publishing, and distributing their e-books.

The program has received mixed reviews from those who have tried it.

While many praise the system put in place by Karla Marie and the mentorship she provides, a small number of members have found it difficult to implement the tips and strategies she provides.

fiction profits academy workshop

Furthermore, some are skeptical about the earnings potential that the Fiction Profits Academy program promises, as selling e-books can be highly competitive.

In order to make money from writing and selling e-books, there are several steps involved.

The first step is to create and publish a quality e-book, which can be time-consuming and challenging.


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Once the book is published, it is important to have an effective marketing plan in place and to build an online presence.

This involves building a website for the book, using social media platforms to promote it, and reaching out to potential readers and book reviewers.

Additionally, it is important to build relationships with book distributors, such as Amazon and Apple, in order to ensure maximum visibility.

When done right, earning money from writing and selling e-books and working with Fiction Profits Academy can be very lucrative.

Depending on the book’s success, authors can make anywhere from hundreds to thousands of US dollars.

However, it is important to note that it takes substantial effort, knowledge, and dedication to successfully create, promote, and sell e-books.

The pros and cons of the Fiction Profits Academy program should be carefully taken into consideration before determining if it is the right fit.

The cost is a significant investment and the earning potential of the program is not guaranteed.

That said, many of the courses have gotten positive reviews from people who used them and have had success.

The main benefit of the program is the mentorship and support provided by Karla Marie, who has effectively streamlined the processes for writing, publishing, and marketing e-books.

Furthermore, the publishing network provided as part of the Fiction Profits Academy program helps make getting a book out to the public easier.

Ultimately, Fiction Profits Academy is a legitimate program created by Karla Marie to help those looking to make money from writing and selling e-books.

The mentorship that the program provides is a great resource for those looking to learn the ropes of the industry.

And the publishing network helps make the process of getting an e-book out to the public easier.

However, while the program promises to help its members make a profit…

The earning potential should not be taken for granted as success depends largely on the effort put into it.

For those willing to put in the effort to learn the necessary tools and strategies to become a successful e-book author, FictionProfitsAcademy could be a rewarding investment.

This is not recommended because there are much easier and faster ways to make money online than creating and selling fiction e-books.

Thank you for reading our Fiction Profits Academy review.

by David Harris.



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