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Digital Wealth Pros Review

Digital Wealth Pros is from Jesse Martin and is found at

DigitalWealthPros is touted as a fully “automated passive income system” that anyone can do from home to earn $200 to $1,500+ per day on auto-pilot.


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In this review, I will show you whether or not this is true and much more.

So, what is this passive income automation all about?

The first component of this being a passive income system is the call center they employ for their clients using an 800#.

Unfortunately, I have found several members that told me this call center is not reliable, to say the least.

Some of the prospects that call in and leave a message requesting a call back never receive a follow-up call.

I spoke to one of DWP’s prospects just a few days ago that told me that he called in and left a message over 3 weeks ago.

And still, no one has called him back.

Disconcerting, to say the least.

If this happens, it means that your interested prospects have no way of getting their questions answered.

Or even any kind of way of joining you in Digital Wealth Pros for that matter.

Unless your prospect calls or emails you directly, you would have no way of knowing that they never received a callback.

It’s really not looking good for Digital Wealth Pros because of this, right off the bat.

This wouldn’t be as bad if there was a way to join DigitalWealthPros directly with a “join now” URL, but none exists.

There is no website link on the funnel for you to visit and then register an account.

You are forced to call that 800# to join or to get any further into the system.

Well, that is, unless you happen to be one of Digital Wealth Pros’ top 10 recruiters.

In that case, you are treated with lots of extra special favoritism that no other members can enjoy.

These privileged few members get to direct their own prospects to the super secret “join now” page.

Being where they don’t have to get a call back from a call center rep first.

They can join right now using their super secret links.

Does that sound remotely fair to you?


Digital Wealth Pros pic

Remember, your prospects can only get a join link if they are lucky enough to get a call back from the call center.

Maybe they’ll get a callback from the call center, or maybe not.

If not, that was wasted time and money to generate that prospect you just lost to the ether.

I’ve found that very few people like to speak to leads or prospects.

Even fewer want to close their own sales so this is a big deal to have this taken care of for them.

That all sounds really good until you learn the truth behind the call center.

If you’re lucky and you do have leads registered with DigitalWealthPros, you will get this notice…

“You have just had a new team member sign up under you! Your new member’s information is below…”

Your lead will then be instructed to send payment to you by your preferred method.

At least, that’s the plan anyway.


The 2nd component of this supposedly being an “automated passive income system”…

Is their fully automated marketing system that incorporates a funnel starting with a lead capture page.

From there it then sends those prospects to the explainer videos that break down how the business works and how they can make money with it.

Your leads are then automatically sent follow-up emails from the CRM system autoresponder.

These emails will encourage them to watch or re-watch the videos and then call the 800# if they still have questions before joining.

After the lead’s questions are hopefully answered and they decide that this is for them…

The rep leads them the rest of the way through registering and then onto sending you the funds.

So, as you can see, it all hinges on whether or not a prospect is actually called back or not.


The next component of this supposedly being an automated passive income system is the traffic and leads you can set up once and have them continue to hit your page.

To many, the most important part of an online business is where they will get a consistent source of high-quality, converting leads.

You will have access to many ad sources that might convert with this offer if your prospect actually gets a callback.


The final piece of the puzzle with this being a supposed automated passive income system is the “done for you” products.

DigitalWealthPros’s products are digital and downloadable, so there are no physical products that need to be manufactured, handled, or shipped.

Their digital products cover various topics.

This allows for high-profit margins as there are no ongoing hard costs that have to be paid for over and over again.

They are selling many products packaged together allowing for higher profits per sale.

What is actually being purchased from Digital Wealth Pros are digital product package resale rights licenses as well as the products themselves.


Digital Wealth Pros Automated Income

So, what is the actual work you need to do in this business?

Drive traffic to your lead capture page.

Everything else is supposed to be 100% done for you.

You are given access to many traffic and lead sources.

After that, the CRM system sends out the follow-up emails for you, automatically.

When your prospects land on your pre-built website they will be able to watch the videos and get the majority of their questions answered.

If they still have questions before they are ready to join they can call the 800# or email support with their questions and hope and pray that they get a response.

After their questions are answered, they will be led through to pay the admin fee to DigitalWealthPros as well as where and how to send you payment.

Unfortunately, they cannot join directly from the website without talking to a rep first if they have no questions and are ready to get started.

Again, this a really big problem for everyone besides those top 10 recruiters that I mentioned earlier.

If you do get a sale it means that you’ve just earned between $200 and $1,500.

There are 4 different business product packages where you can purchase the resale rights licenses.

Here’s the breakdown of the income potential and cost associated with each product package:

The Level 1 Bronze Package costs $200 + a $97 admin fee ($297).

Bronze pays out $200 per sale.

The Level 2 Gold Package costs $400 + a $97 admin fee ($497).

Gold pays out $400 per sale.

The Level 3 Platinum Package costs $800 + a $197 admin fee ($997).

Platinum pays out $800 per sale.

The Level 4 Diamond Package costs $1,500 + a $497 admin fee ($1,997).

Platinum pays out $1,500 per sale.

These are all 1-time costs.

This allows you to be able to receive multiple $200, $400, $800, and $1,500 payments from Digital Wealth Pros.

Those commissions would be in the form of direct sales or overrides.

Here’s how Overrides work…

If you decide to join at the $200 level, then make a sale at the $200, $400, $800, or $1,500 level, you would still get $200 per sale.

If you were at the $400 level and made a $1,500 sale you would get $400 of the $1,500, your level amount.

The remaining $1,100 or $700 difference would go to your referrer (or above) in the form of an Override.

That is if they are at the $1,500 level themselves otherwise it would go up until it hit the 1st $1,500 member beyond them.

At the $1,500 level, you keep 100% of all sales made regardless.

You can be paid directly through Zelle, PayPal, CashApp, Credit Card, and Venmo, among other methods.

It’s your choice how you want to get paid as your Digital Wealth Pros customers pay you directly.

If you start at a lower level, you can always upgrade later on but would miss out on the difference until then.


When your leads call into the call center you’ll receive an alert from the closers… maybe… kinda… sorta… sometimes.

This will let you know that they are working on a potential sale for you at that moment.

You will also be notified when they do make a sale for you.


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This allows members to instantly know that their advertising is working and that they are getting results.

If the call center issues were sorted out and every prospect received a callback, I would probably recommend the Digital Wealth Pros online income opportunity.

However, as I’ve already discussed, this is currently not the case as of April 2023.

Knowing all of this, I do recommend a similar but far, far better income opportunity that you can take a look at here:

Thanks for reading our Digital Wealth Pros review.

By author David Harris. Last updated on April 4, 2023, at 9:14 AM CST.



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