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Digital Profit Review

Digital Profit is from Travis Bott & David Cattani and found at

[DigitalProfit is no longer available.] has multiple ways to earn a monthly passive recurring income without ever needing to recruit anyone.

One of the most intriguing is their digital real estate product which is hands-free and rented out for profit.

This high-yield 1 year long leased product is called Secure 1475.

Secure 1475 is on IPFS 2.0 Blockchain that’s way more secure than the normal internet.

Digital Profit rents this server space out for you automatically leaving you only to collect a daily payment in the form of Filecoin or FIL.

Filecoin or FIL can easily be converted into any other crypto you want or in USD cash.

There is no work on your part required for this so it’s a true hands-free passive recurring income.

Filecoin is a decentralized protocol that enables people to rent out unused storage space on their computers.

It can be used to pay for storage, retrieve data, reward miners for adding new blocks, or carry out any other transactions on that platform.

It is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies right now.

From what I’ve seen, the primary usage of this Secure 1475 secure server storage space is for highly profitable Filecoin mining.

DigitalProfit is the only company that is licensed to sell this storage space leasing service for profit to its members.

So yes, that means that this is an exclusive income opportunity from Digital Profit only.

Digital Profit also has an AI Forex Autotrader that has a successful 24-month track record and has recently paid out 5% to 11% monthly returns.

This amounts to between a 60% and 130%+ annual return and this is not taking into account any compounding effects.

Digital Profit Percentage Yield

This is huge as you would just plug this into your crypto broker and let it do its work for you.

DigitalProfit also has a cryptocurrency to cash wallet on a Visa card.

Thus allowing you to easily purchase whatever you need, groceries, gas, etc., without first having to convert your crypto to cash.

This makes owning crypto extremely usable on a day-to-day basis.

The account also pays you a high monthly yield to hold Etherium in your Digital Profit crypto wallet.

Digital Profit has many other products that you can make money from but these are my favorites.

Aside from using these products for profit yourself, you can also refer others to Digital Profit for healthy monthly recurring income.

But of course, this is not mandatory to make a profit from working with Digital Profit.

Their optional referral program has very high payouts and is excellent as well.

I view this as more of an affiliate program than I do a network marketing business.

The products are highly desirable and take no effort to sell.

Who doesn’t want to make hands-off passive recurring income without recruiting anyone?

Digital Profit’s compensation schedule includes multiple ways of getting paid…

Customer Bonus – Up to 50% on all Customer Orders.

Fast Start Bonus – Get paid up to 50% on 1st order of New Sign-Ups.

Global Bonus – 2% Weekly Share in Company wide volume.

Two Team Pay – Up to 20% Weekly Commissions.

Matching Bonus – 20% Weekly Check Match on your Teams pay.

Generation Matching Bonus – 10% Weekly check match Up to 4 Generations.

digital profit reward plan

I am a member of Digital Profit and my team has a new marketing funnel that does all the selling for you.

You simply would send traffic to this funnel to earn commissions.

As a member of our team in DigitalProfit, you will get free paid traffic going to your marketing funnel referral link every day.

If you join me, you would also get access to my 20+ years of internet marketing expertise as well.

More importantly, I will build out half (or more) of your downline for you.

This will save you tons of time and money as well as get you into profit much faster than building the business entirely on your own.

So whether you just want to be a customer and earn a sizable passive monthly income or you want to build a downline or do both, there is something here for everyone.

Thanks for reading our Digital Profit review.

by David Harris.



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