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Digital Experts Academy

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Digital Experts Academy Review

by David Harris

“Digital Experts Academy”, by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross and found at, is an internet marketing system training course from the team that created Six Figure Mentors.

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There are so many marketing courses going around calling themselves Academies that the term has almost lost its meaning.

Especially multiple scam sites we have come across and reviewed, and although Digital Experts Academy stands out from the rest, it is very cost-prohibitive.

One way Digital Experts Academy stands out is that you can use what they teach you on any business you choose while many of the other ones only teach you to promote their own products.

I should say, though, that although Digital Experts Academy is not an accredited institute of learning facility, they offer one of the most expensive affiliate marketing courses online.

The trainers at Digital Experts Academy have been successful and well known in the field of affiliate marketing, yet they have their share of a mixed reputation.

There have been complaints lodged online against them and their products which I’ll lightly touch on here.

For one, you have to be locked into their parent Six Figure Mentor program in order to receive commissions, which means constantly paying recurring fees.

Previous programs created by Kubassek have had many complaints by unhappy users and Six Figure Mentor has its share of grievous past members as well.

The Digital Experts Academy courses can be taken by any level of skilled marketers from beginners to advanced, but they are taught through Six Figure Mentors, which we offer a review of elsewhere here on ScamXposer.

Digital Experts Academy offers four 90 day courses of step by step instructions with a one on one trainers depending on which membership type you join.

You must be a member of Six Figure Mentors in order to activate your membership. SFM charges $225 initially.

I will say the upsell courses are not cheap and there are a lot of complaints about Six Figure Mentors, too.

The first level course offered by Digital Experts Academy starts at $2,500 for a year and the most advanced goes for twenty-thousand dollars. You read that right, $20,000.

The owners of Digital Experts Academy claim that their students have made collectively $40 million in the last 7 years.

This figure is unsubstantiated.

If this is indeed true then Digital Experts Academy could be an impressively effective program.

It really should be at the price of their courses.

There are many lessons, aside from the basic marketing facts, that Digital Experts Academy teaches in their courses, including sales, business and customer service skills in their lowest level course.

Digital Experts Academy also teaches management, leadership, professional and entrepreneurship development.

On the next level up, Digital Experts Academy offers the previous lessons plus also has you attend a six week coaching course with individual mentors as well as extended workshops all year round.

The next level in the Digital Experts Academy courses deals with advanced courses on branding, social media, website SEO positioning, and many other professional services.

It costs 10k.

The 20k Digital Experts Academy course offers a mastermind retreat with the founders and other DEA Black members as well as the chance to partner in joint venture leveraging for your brand/network.

The founders of Digital Experts Academy believe anybody can build a successful business from the bottom up with their help, tools, and resources.

Besides those hefty prices, you will also have to pay to join Six Figure Mentors and its monthly fees.

However, their help will take serious investment.

There are many affiliate marketing courses that go for a lot cheaper, but Digital Experts Academy claims their system is way too expensive to be worth the price.

The creators of Digital Experts Academy have a clear goal of making at least a thousand financially self-sufficient entrepreneurs by the end of 2015.

They have not disclosed whether Digital Experts Academy will have met half that goal yet midway into the year, however, it is not exactly a scam.

While Digital Experts Academy is rather cost-prohibitive to most of our readers it is a comprehensive and serious online marketing system that does teach everything needed to succeed at making money from home online.

If you can afford to buy the course you might gain much from Digital Experts Academy if they do fulfill their promises of learning from the mentors who claim they have made others very successful in their previous courses.

The one thing about Digital Experts Academy that one can say is that they at least keep everything updated rapidly so you are not learning old practices.

We do not, however, recommend Digital Experts Academy as the price to purchase this product is way too expensive to make it a worthwhile program.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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