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Consumer Village

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Consumer Village Paid Surveys Review

Consumer Village is from Gongos Inc., and is found at and operates within the U.S.

They were established back in 2007 as an online forum where one could share their opinion for payment.

This is a “get paid to take surveys” program and is free to join but the value is a different story.


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They distribute the surveys nationwide from Cincinnati, Ohio.

You can engage in surveys, online focus groups, and group forums for points they call tokens.

Those can be redeemed for prizes.

ConsumerVillage rewards you more when you actively participate in moderated topics or surveys.

Unlike many other survey companies, Consumer Village will reward you with some tokens even if you don’t qualify for a survey.

The tokens you earn will also go towards a monthly $10 sweepstakes.

Surveys can pay from 20 to 150 tokens and never expire.

Their polls pay 30 tokens and focus groups and product testing studies can pay up to $50, $150, or more if you qualify and participate.

There are also more involved studies that you may be invited to that compensate you with higher token payout amounts.

When you do earn 500 tokens, Consumer Village pays out with Amazon gift cards.

Surveys can take up to 15 to 25 minutes to complete and the site is easy to navigate.

They claim you will never get spammed by the research companies that hire Consumer Village to facilitate these surveys.

They do send email invitations to participate in the occasional surveys.

But ConsumerVillage recommends visiting the website fairly often.


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You may not always qualify for particular surveys, as they look for specific consumers to target.

It will take you a long time to gather enough tokens to make participating in Consumer Village activities worthwhile.

Do this only if you truly enjoy giving your opinions away as only a recreational hobby because there is very little to make here.

Especially not enough to earn a full-time living.

I find ConsumerVillage to be legit get paid to take surveys site, but definitely not worth the time.

So, having said that, I do not recommend this service as a way of making any kind of substantial money at all.

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By author David Harris. Updated on January 14, 2023, at 10:14 AM CST.



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