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ClickBetter Income Opportunity Legit or Scam Review

by David Harris

“ClickBetter”, by Sean Clark and found at, is an affiliate network middleman that resembles ClickBank but is much less sound, to say the least.

I say less sound because you can find so many reviews, complaints and negative comments registered online that the Better Business Bureau / BBB has a whole page dedicated to grievances about it.

A big portion of their negative press deals with the low grade of their niche products that are suspected to be scams.


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Another huge amount of complaints has to do with the problematic issues with refunds or the complete lack thereof.

Something to be wary of that you won’t find on marketplaces like ClickBank is the upsells ClickBetter hits you with the instant you join.

Although it is a place where affiliate marketers can search for niche marketing products to promote, the catalog is limited to about 400 programs, as opposed to almost 6400 at ClickBank.

Sellers of products can offer their wares here but because it’s not the leading contender the legitimate ones tend to shy away.

So, mostly what you’ll find are spammy, scammy or stuff experienced marketers would never touch with a 10 foot pole.

For example, when you enter the ClickBetter members back office their top 10 list includes a binary trading scam and an email marketing processing scam, so right away they’re not off to a good start.

This product distributor offers no help, tips or training so those new to affiliate marketing will have had to get taught elsewhere how to promote, build a website and most importantly generating traffic.

Customer dissatisfaction must be their motto because there is little to no support to speak of.

Many unhappy users have complained about this.

About the only thing they really have going for them is that it is free to join, but their payout minimum is $250 plus 5 unique buyers, and they do not allow payments to go to PayPal. Plenty of hoops to have to jump through just to get paid.

If you are a seller, chances are you are smart enough not to damage your reputation by selling from this particular marketplace.

If you are a new promoter, or marketer, you will not want to ruin your name right from the start by promoting questionable and low quality, and highly likely scam, products.

Be sure to look at online reviews of the products you might want to promote to see what people are saying about them before you choose them.

Several we looked at have actually been reviewed either in our Not Recommended and Scam sections here at ScamXposer, so there is a big chance many other products will also be problematic.

There is a massive number of member complaints registered in forums, consumer watchdog sites and even the BBB, about unresolved refund, or lack thereof, issues and grievances about the products.

When you take all this into consideration you might see that using this middleman is going to bring you nothing but headaches.

Because it is free to join, we can’t really call it a scam, but it certainly is riddled with affiliate marketing scams and low quality products.

We can definitely state that we will not recommend ClickBetter as usable service to anyone serious about becoming an affiliate marketer.

We also advise sellers to stay away, too, if they want to maintain a decent reputation as legitimate product distributors.

You’re better off going to way more reputable affiliate marketplace gateways than ClickBetter.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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