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Type of Business: GPT - Get Paid To Click
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ClickFair Review is from 99 Ventures LTD, is a Paid To Click (PTC) ad website.

So, what is this all about and do they have a long list of complaints?

We’ll get to that and more in this review.

They will pay you to view their advertiser’s/publishers’ websites.

Granted, the payout is very small and not anywhere near enough to make it a side job, but it can make you a little extra every month.

You can also get paid by signing up with Click Fair’s sponsors’ sites.


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As well as by referring people to sign up and recruit others to also join ClickFair through their referral-based marketing program.

It is not multi-level marketing, as there are no health and beauty products to sell out of your trunk or recruiting others to a downline. is more like an affiliate marketing system on the recruiting end.


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This comes with a limit of 200 people you can recruit to join, which earns you better commissions than just viewing ads and doing offers, surveys, or other tasks.

Click Fair is free to join.

For the number of earnings, I will say that it’s still not even enough to make it even a part-time opportunity.

The site has only been around since February of 2013, but there have been many changes since it started, some helpful and some not so good.

You can also join as an advertiser with a minimum budget of a couple of dollars.

ClickFair’s system offers click protection so the hits you’ll get will be valid.

The system also offers services like filtering options for demographics, countries, etc, and analytics to check on campaign stats.

If you join with publishing in mind you can make up to .02 cents per click you make and up to .0008 cents for each unlimited referral click.

Click Fair pays daily with a minimum payout of $1 dollar.

You can make a small and modest amount for each ad you see with this system, but it’s not enough to be a method of making a living.

There are also different tasks to complete for points.

A hundred points total a dollar and can take up to 30 days for points to be credited to your account.

Payments are made to you through three options PayPal, Solid Trust, and Neteller without fees every 7 days.

If you are not regularly active, ClickFair will suspend your account after a month of inactivity.

Changes are constantly made to their terms and conditions so make sure you keep up to date on them.

Click Fair does feature a forum for users, so that is one way to stay informed of the latest news, and to discuss things with staff and members.

I suggest staying on as a free member until everything on the site has been tested and improvements made before you jump on an upgrade.

That way you can play ClickFair’s free ad game viewing every day and earn a little each time.

The few downsides are the instability of constant changes in their conditions.

There is a limit to how many referrals you can have, but not a little alarming is the number of complaints from members who are canceled without notice.

Or because they post things in the forum that the staff disapproves of.

At 2 cents per ad, you would have to visit over 50 ads for a considerable time each to get a dollar.

But many of the ads make less, so it seems like you could spend your time pursuing better endeavors.

If you are looking for a way to get paid a little something to view websites as a hobby, then you might enjoy Click Fair.

I do not recommend it as a way to earn a living.

Thanks for reading our ClickFair review.

by David Harris | Updated on March 8, 2023, at 8:16 AM CST:



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