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Click Cash Commissions

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Click Cash Commissions Review

by David Harris

“Click Cash Commissions” by Jessica James and Mike Auton and found at, is an affiliate marketing training program that promises nothing more unusual or special than any other system out there.

The training Click Cash Commissions provides is not a complete package.

It’s very basic and, the methods they teach are useless, especially the outdated Facebook and other social media tips.

Click Cash Commissions also claims that their system of attaining traffic through paid ads is revolutionary.

Steer clear of words like revolutionary, and fast and easy while you’re at it.

By now you must be aware that any of these hyped up products promising easy miracle one touch software that generates tons of cash are pure myth.

Click Cash Commissions is no different.

They charge $90 until you get to the last pop up discount of $46 and it’s not even worth that.

In fact, it would be a high price at any cost.

Something to be mindful of: Click Cash Commissions is sold through Clicksure, which enjoys a really bad reputation compared to Clickbank, which would most likely decline to promote things like this.

In fact, you will find virtual truckloads of complaints about Clicksure, whose payment system may be in China, so keep that in mind.

Not trying to say anything disparaging about China, but many companies who run their sites there do it to avoid our laws.

Back to the training Click Cash Commissions provides.

They only teach how to use one item to promote, limiting your learning scope.

They call it My PC Backup.

Click Cash Commissions claims you will make thousands daily, but the numbers just don’t add up.

Commission is $25 per sale.

Unless you are a super pro with hundreds of thousands of buyers who would buy anything from you without question, Click Cash Commissions won’t help you make anywhere near their claims.

Another cheesy tactic Click Cash Commissions uses is the pretty girl who builds up the hype.

Not a professional in a business suit, who might be a little more trustworthy, but a cute hired actress.

It’s kind of pandering, in my opinion.

This will not be as fast and easy for any beginner to make money with, considering the half-baked training and low commissions. I will not recommend Click Cash Commissions in good conscience.

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