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Type of Business: ClickBank Affiliate Analysis Tools
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CBEngine – Business Review

CBEngine, found at, offers tools for locating lucrative product niches in the Clickbank marketplace to help you make more money with less effort. CBEngine is considered the top ClickBank Analytics search site on the web for niche marketing.

CBEngine is comprised of a suite of software tools along with a database containing thousands of affiliate products in the ClickBank system, and a little training on how to make the most of your business.

Due to the large numbers of competition, CBEngine works to present the kind of viable turning point you need. Their job is to help you earn money through ClickBank, which is the main source of income online for most affiliate marketers.

CBEngine provides help to recognize what sells and what to avoid through their featured modules such as their ClickBank search tool. The commission calculator figures the split between vendor and affiliate. The vendor order page sales link generator is another useful feature.

CBEngine is exceptionally efficient and organized by categories, statistics and vendor listing. There are useful plugins like Storefront 2.0 for product database and CBPress for WordPress. With so much useful information, it is surprisingly easy to understand.

You can also upgrade to the next tier, CBEngine Pro, which gives access to inventory summaries on all Clickbank products and sales metrics indicators on active and inactive products and so much more.

CBEngine is very affordable at only about fifty bucks a year, and their reputation is outstanding. Knowing what products to sell well through ClickBank is one of the most important factors in being a serious affiliate marketer, and CBEngine is a key to success.

Niche marketing is not the easiest way to make money if you don’t use at least some tools of the trade. CBEngine is reliable, easy to use and comes highly recommended by top affiliates who swear by this system.

You can also correspond with successful marketers who use CBEngine by taking advantage of the forum provided once you’re a full member. Almost all of them will tell you they’ve saved time not having to review product after product on ClickBank itself.

You can also choose the biggest selling marketplaces, see most current trend analysis, and use the powerful keyword finder, as well as searching for top rated websites and Blogsites for back links, ad campaigns and more.

There is so much to explore on CBEngine that it takes time to go through it. As a much needed service in the affiliate marketing field, it gives you plenty of tools to find the right products to promote.

CBEngine even provides a well discounted hosting plan through a highly respected hosting company. It also helps you put together campaigns with ClickBank Ads and Ad Builder, add and RSS feeds, referrals, and so much more.

If you are serious about becoming a ClickBank affiliate marketer then CBEngine is a well respected product you will be happy using. You might even want to upgrade to the lifetime membership as you grow more successful.

CBEngine is one of the best products of its kind online. I highly recommend this service.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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