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Automatic Income Coach

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Automatic Income Coach Review

by David Harris

“Automatic Income Coach” by Kevin Thompson and found at, is an internet marketing system that offers no miracles yet claims you will make lots of money.

Most of the information sold by Kevin Thompson through his Automatic Income Coach program can be found just about anywhere for far less money than he sells it for.

I found Automatic Income Coach highly questionable when the basic info just included creating squeeze pages and building your list, among other beginner level tips.

Also, Automatic Income Coach’s keyword analyzer and lessons on how to create your own products hold no earth shattering revelations nor hold little worth either.

The Automatic Income Coach money back guarantee is another matter entirely.

They require you to stay with the program for 12 months in order to get a refund only on the initial $1,200.

They will not refund the monthly fees you’ve spent in a year which, by the way, amount to about $1,200 for the year. You will also not get back any money you’ve invested on related expenses.

Besides, the real ulterior motive behind the reason Automatic Income Coach wants to get you signed up is upsells to Thompson’s very expensive business coaching service.

When you consider that coaching beyond Automatic Income Coach starts at a $1000 per hour with a hefty $1,200 start-up fee and almost $100 in monthly fees, you can see how this guy is wealthy.

Especially aggravating were the videos I watched of Thompson, in Automatic Income Coach, including rambling off-topic, self-aggrandizing, awkward hype, and the push to other programs he’s affiliated with were just appallingly no-budget.

It just goes downhill from there with a mad scheme of charging people $3,500 for a 3 day stay at his home and place of business just to watch Thompson do his work.

Then there is the strange push to interest you in his black mold test kits, not to mention the mountain of emails that will avalanche your inbox from the third party clients Automatic Income Coach sells your personal data to.

Reports of some people complaining of not getting their refunds after a year, plus the over priced beginner level junk sold at “Automatic Income Coach” on top of everything else makes this maybe not a scam, but certainly not recommended by us.

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