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Apiary Investment Fund

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Apiary Investment Fund Review

by David Harris

“Apiary Investment Fund”, found at, is a Forex trading training course that claims you would be learning to trade with their money.

Apiary Investment Fund contends that you will suffer no risk.

Their previous motto was “trade on our dime” but I think they dropped it for good reason.

They also say you need no experience and that they will fund your trading account while you learn through their course.

Although Apiary Investment Fund is not BBB accredited, there were numerous complaints registered on their site and only one was resolved.

Most of the complaints dealt with issues with Apiary Investment Fund’s service, product and refund policy, of which there is none.

If you respond to the unsolicited email they send you, someone calls you to set up an appointment with one of their sales reps to go over the materials to get started.

However, one condition of Apiary Investment Fund is that you have to pay a “one time fee” of almost $1,400 in order to look over their materials, yet there is a $97 monthly fee added to your bill on top of the big one time fee.

The Apiary Investment Fund sales rep will say that you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied, but the truth is they will say that if you looked over their info, they consider that learning from the course.

Their training videos are hours long, poorly made with long pauses in between so it looks like you spent hours on their training even if you only saw a few minutes of one video.

Therefore, Apiary Investment Fund claims you forfeit any money you give them the moment you sign up with them.

This is a deceptive practice in anyone’s opinion including my own.

I found a complaint from one unhappy Apiary Investment Fund user that got taken for over $6,000, so it’s clear that they make lots of money from unsuspecting victims.

Just so you know, beware. There is absolutely NO trial period of any kind when you engage with Apiary Investment Fund.

They will be dodgy about this and try to evade any questions of refunds.

Apiary Investment Fund also claims your odds of winning with their trading course are 82.18%, when in reality it is about 50% if you’re lucky. This is one more deceptive practice to add to the pile.

Their trading platform software is problematic and difficult to use, so the claim that you need no experience is also not true.

There are other inconsistencies with Apiary Investment Fund including small and hard to read figures, incorrect pricing charts and more.

Apiary Investment Fund has a solid way of weaseling out by claiming that if you give them your bank account info and agree to their terms of service they are exonerated of all wrongdoing.

They state that their no refund policy clause is provided twice in the terms.

I went over their terms and did find one clause but had difficulty finding the other.

While I agree that you should always read over any company’s terms and conditions thoroughly, looking over a company’s materials does not qualify as learning from their course.

Apiary Investment Fund is a poor training course and way too expensive a risk for such a terrible business model for traders to get involved with.

This is not surprising.

There are other trading courses that practice the same type of trickery while raking in those big “one time fees” from people who wouldn’t know any better.

Apiary Investment Fund may just be yet another of those questionable companies that deal in Forex trading training scams.

I looked around further and found many more complaints aside from the ones at BBB.

It is clear to me that there is nothing BUT risk if you throw your hat into their ring even though Apiary Investment Fund says the opposite.

Look around for better training courses with reputable standing, honest business practices and a solid refund policy.

They are out there.

While there are a few comments I found online of people who were satisfied with Apiary Investment Fund, it’s hard to tell if they are fake shill comments fabricated by Apiary Investment Fund or not.

I will go ahead and be fair and not call them a trading scam for that reasonable doubt listed above, but that’s as far as can I go.

Apiary Investment Fund will never be on our recommended list.

Incidentally, they declined to comment at every attempt I made to question them.

Do not even think of getting involved with this company.

I absolutely do not recommend Apiary Investment Fund.

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Overall User Rating:

Overall Rating

12 Comments/Reviews

APIARY INVESTMENT FUND is using their 2 weeks free trial as their BAIT to get you on their program. This is their business marketing strategy to get somebody on the program. They will get your CREDIT/DEBIT CARD DETAILS during the sign up process for 2 weeks FREE TRIAL. After that, they will charge your CARD for $97 even you will not continue on the program. This is the “FREE TRIAL” that you will pay at the end.
It happened to me. BE AWARE AND BEWARE.

Thanks to this excellent detailed due diligence SCAMXPOSER review done here on APIARY FUNDS by Mr. David Harris, in which APIARY FUNDS has earned only a one half star rating, I am declining the APIARY FUND offer to engage with them on a contractual basis. I can verify Mr. David Harris’s assessment that the internet connection speed when connecting to the APIARY FUNDS website is indeed very slow as I tried out just one of their so-called “trading courses” for a one time “special” price of just $7.00 USD. The internet speed was indeed “jerky” and very slow. A reputable company would have a very good internet speed connection so that was my first RED FLAG so to speak. This lead me to believe that the rest of Mr. Harris’s assessment is also correct.
A internet search lead to this website were I have now learned of this APIARY FUNDS scam.
Thank you SCAMXPOSER for revealing these facts to the public!

Harvel Brown on :

These people are scammers!!! Even though I advised I was not interested anymore they have put a recurring charge on my card, so I’m cancelling that card. Theives!!! Scammers!!!

ScamXposer have really opened my eyes to apiary fund, thankyou! you have just saved me a lot of stress as I was just about to be another person getting sucked in to their scams, please people don’t fall for this one. Thankyou again SX.

A simple check of the photos associated with the 3 testimonials reveals that they are stock photos used for other purposes. Clearly a scam here, folks.

Apiary fund is scam.

They claim to get approved for funding the account. Their videos, tutorials are just trivial. Lot of that information is anyway available on WWW. Nothing special about them.

Their ‘Alveo’ trading platform is much behind technically compared to professional trading platforms available. It’s features are so basic that it becomes difficult to use it easily.

Do not get trapped into paying $697. It’s a waste. The rep from apiary fund who contacted me was with them for 4 years trading and did not get his account funded

Thanks dave, you really saved my hard earned cash. I have been scammed by companies like 1,2 trade amongst others. thanks a lot

Nathanallred on :


Thanks for writing this article about us. Although all of this information about us is outdated and I barley saw this article. I would love to talk with you or anyone about your concerns with Apiary. We have an A+ rating with the BBB.


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