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Ameriplan MLM Review

Ameriplan by Dennis and Daniel Bloom and found at is an MLM discount health plan for consumers and physicians.

It is also a business opportunity filled with many problems, infighting, lawsuits, and countless public complaints.

This is what we’ll cover in this article.

I’ve been made aware of several problems that sometimes happen when one becomes a broker for Ameriplan.

I put broker in quotes because this business model is more a multi-level marketing venture than an outright sales job.

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You will not be selling any of Ameriplan’s products to people.

What is expected is to bring in more people so that they will bring in more people and so on.

They have a couple of ways they suggest doing it.

One way is to approach your friends and family.


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We know how this affects relationships over time.

The other way is to buy very expensive prospect leads from Ameriplan itself.

They will tell you that you will make tons of money doing it this way.

The mentality of the herd, according to many, many complaints is that this is an almost cult-like environment.

Support is not often, well, supportive.

There’s a hierarchical pecking order that treats new salespeople like serfs.

They are told that they are not even allowed in the corporate headquarters, according to sources.

Things you are told in recruiting are often contradictory to Ameriplan’s rules and guidelines.

They act as if it’s more like a family than a business.

Truth is that you are as much a customer as you are a broker since you’re paying the monthly broker fee.

As in buying leads and other recurring costs, all making Ameriplan a hefty sum.

But that’s expected in any business venture you plan on undertaking.

The other side of the coin is that those who are on the top side of this multi-level marketing MLM business model are doing extremely well.

And those will pressure any of those under them to keep the money rolling in.

I see complaints from the underlings about not getting paid their bonuses, residuals, and other money due to them.

In fact, if you complain, the higher-ups find or change some bylaw to be able to fire you and with-hold all of your back pay.

Make no mistake about it… this is NOT a family environment.

It is a business.

All the hype they push on newcomers is an attempt to brainwash them into bringing in as much for the top people above them until they don’t serve a purpose anymore.

Nefarious practices against their affiliates notwithstanding, the BBB has recorded many complaints from consumers about Ameriplan and their product.

As well as numerous complaints from the members on other forums.

It’s been stated that only 100 or fewer people have actually reached any kind of success above $100,000 with Ameriplan.

When you consider there are over 50,000 people out there hawking this product, I must consider this a business I would never recommend.

I have to say that this is not something I want my readers to get involved with in any way whatsoever.

Many multi-level marketing businesses only profit from the people at the top.

Ameriplan is so problematic that I can’t see anyone being happy after prolonged exposure to their program.

I absolutely do not recommend this MLM.

Thanks for reading our Ameriplan review.

by David Harris | Updated on August 28, 2022, at 9:18 AM:



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