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4Life Review

by David Harris

“4Life”, by David and Bianca Lisonbee and found at, is a multi-level marketing business venture.

It comes with several caveats to watch out for, some of which I’ll report here.

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First and foremost, 4Life is an MLM.

We do not ever recommend multi-level marketing as a way to earn any decent money.

That is unless you are positioned at the top 1% from the very beginning.

But that would only help you, not your downline.

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Then, take into consideration the amounts of controversial press and bad reviews.

These are over their claims that the 4Life products are nothing more than milk and fruit juice with some vitamins thrown in for good measure.

Yet they claim it practically cures cancer.

I can certainly understand that those types of gimmicks and false claims are hype used and needed by schemes like 4Life to lure people in.

But I don’t condone them.

It’s one of the reasons we are here to provide accurate information to you our faithful readers.

There are no real findings by any scientific community that support any of the outrageous claims made by 4Life and its distributors, so you should be aware of this from the start.

In fact, even though I usually don’t give out links, I did find a good admonishment from government officials to the people that run this scheme.

It was issued the 4Life people a warning by the Maryland Public Health Service and the FDA to stop making unfounded hype statements that amount to lies and false advertisement.

At this point, I should also tell you that in their disclaimers, all the hype they tell you on the big print is disavowed in the small print.

A tip-off that all is not well here.

Usually, another big tip-off to watch out for is the highly overpriced ticket items on the products that MLMs such as 4Life sell.

The fact is, most items sold via MLM have their equal counterparts available for a quarter of the price at any store if you look at the ingredients.

You are fortunate if you don’t get a recruitment call from one of their distributors.

As they are often aggressive, or worse, evangelical in their fervor to get you to attend the indoctrination-like meetings.

I imagine that the only good thing about being in an MLM is if you have someone in your life you are looking to get rid of.

They will run the other way as fast as possible when you mention it.

I have a nightmare where I am stuck in an elevator with a zealous witness, and Insurance Salesman, and an MLM distributor, to paraphrase a good one I heard a while back, but you get my drift.

I cannot nor will I recommend 4Life as any kind of way of making money.

Because you will not only not make money but you will lose money from buying the product samplers, investing in advertising, etc.

4Life is not actually stealing your money from your bank account without authorization so I can’t call it a scam.

But you will be tossing it down the pipes of your own volition if you join.

This is definitely not for any beginner trying to start a legitimate home business without having to recruit any family member who will listen for more than a minute to your pitch.

Stay away from 4Life… for life.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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It’s proven that no one but the top 1% make any money with this pyramid scam. You are a liar and I do not think your hypothetical cousin made any cover of millionaire nor she has two offices and making her own product from doing the 4LIFE scam!

Thanks for the review, I have had friends hammering me for months now to join, but I already use supplements from the Vitamin Shoppe that I have used for years and I am more than happy with. These MLM people behave almost like a religious cult!

moneyfitnow on :

I don’t know about that, my cousins made the front cover of Millionaire’s Magazine from doing this business, she has two offices working and has met with people to create her own line of products now. I use to take the products and had great results. I guess if the shoe fits wear it.


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