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Ultimate Home Profits

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Ultimate Home Profits Scam Review

by David Harris

“Ultimate Home Profits”, by Emily Hudson and previously Michelle Robinson and found at, is a crooked web site that runs a con known as the link posting scam.

The disappointing function of Ultimate Home Profits is go after newbies like senior citizens and struggling women who want to work from home.

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The site misinformation makes people think this is some kind of job, but Ultimate Home Profits is not a job site at all.

It isn’t even a good online home business opportunity.

Ultimate Home Profits’ Emily Hudson is a work of fiction made to fool you into thinking this scam is a real legitimate business.

Ultimate Home Profits website is full of false claims and promises.

Scroll down at the bottom and read the disclaimers their lawyers drew up to prove false the hype above.

The reason Ultimate Home Profits lies and gets away with it is because there aren’t enough government figures of authority to catch them all.

That and as soon as scam watchdog sites like ours expose the sham, they soon after take them down and pop another one up on the internet. That is how Ultimate Home Profits came to be.

On the Ultimate Home Profits site itself you will see many things that make it look like it would be something legitimate to try out but do not be fooled.

We start with the news logos at the top.

No one game Ultimate Home Profits permission to use them and they even say so in their disclaimer.

Next is the “only a few positions left” call to action trick making you think you are eligible for a job position which Ultimate Home Profits should not really be legally allowed to offer.

Next you see a bunch of stock generic photos that supposedly represent the fake working mom, Emily Hudson, and formerly Michelle Robinson.

These pictures and those of the other people giving phony testimonials are generic and taken from public stock image websites which you can find them on if you look.

The testimonials themselves are actually taken from old online home business scams previously pulled down by the FTC.

The Ultimate Home Profits scammers just don’t care.

However, you want to see if Ultimate Home Profits is legit and we can confidently inform you it’s a rip off.

There is a $97 join fee which even Ultimate Home Profits confirms is a rip off because their pop ups discount it down to $47 when you try to leave the site.

Ultimate Home Profits also charges a monthly fee after and it is nothing short of a nightmare to try to cancel it let alone get a refund.

What little you get for that is poorly basic out of date training and a ton of Ultimate Home Profits’ third party spammers flooding your inbox.

Do NOT give Ultimate Home Profits your credit card info nor your phone number.

The Ultimate Home Profits sales hounds will never stop calling you from their boiler room sales floor to get you to waste in excess of thousands of dollars for useless jink coaching programs.

So many people have registered complaints here and elsewhere online about how they got ripped off by clone sites like Ultimate Home Profits.

If any of this information does not frighten you away from Ultimate Home Profits, you should also know of the multitudes of people complaining about extra charges on their credit cards made without their knowledge.

You won’t find any customer service and there is no refund policy so the best you can do is cancel the bank card you gave Ultimate Home Profits if you joined them before you got the chance to read this scam review.

Ultimate Home Profits is awful, from their scam products they peddle once you’re inside their site to the unauthorized charges you may find a couple months into using their basic system.

Ultimate Home Profits will prey on you. Don’t have anything to do with Ultimate Home Profits.

It is an evil scam.

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    Thank you so much for the above information. I’m an educated working female adult that could have fallen for this scam. For sure, you have saved many others reading the scam about Ultimate Home Profits.

    Omg!! Thank you for the information regarding ultimate home profits, being in need of a job badly, I was ready to fill out their application, and give them all my credit card saved me from making a big huge mistake even worse looking like a fool.

    SCAM signed up and change my mind and cancel it right away, maybe a minute after I have my credit card information but still they charged my credit card with $97 and $1 dollar in 2 separate charges. Don’t do it if they are luring you to make a lot of money. No refund received. Partnered with clicker something who processed their money making machine and the customer service SUCKS unable to answer nor give information regarding this website. I was fooled and I am WARNING the public not to do it.


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