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Paying Social Media Jobs

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Paying Social Media Jobs Review

Paying Social Media Jobs is from Annie Jones and is found at

This was previously called Paid Social Media Jobs located at, but it’s really all the same exact thing.

In this review, we aim to find out if they are a real, legitimate job source or just another junk ripoff.

PayingSocialMediaJobs is supposed to have a database of companies you can apply for employment doing social media types of jobs or tasks.

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Social media work can comprise many different tasks that employers and their employees are too busy to do themselves.

Some of these Paying Social Media Jobs tasks include posting and liking on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and commenting on YouTube videos among others.

As well as managing other aspects of the company’s own social media sites including LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Social media work is now recognized as a valid component of any company’s marketing department.

Those companies that ignore this do so at their own peril.


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However, many employers still don’t think it’s important enough to hire full-time staff for all those social media marketing duties.

Thus, outsourced positions are available for freelance social media specialists to apply for.

This is where Paying Social Media Jobs come into the picture.

paying social media jobs review

PayingSocialMediaJobs claims they have plenty enough companies in their database needing people to fill.

Paying Social Media Jobs has a 3-day trial for $1 for you to have a chance to look over their membership site benefits.

However, they will automatically charge you $77.00 dollars without notice for the full membership, full access to their listings, and software tools.

3 days aren’t anywhere near enough to check out and find work on

If you have to pay someone in order to hopefully get a chance to work then there is definitely something wrong.

The sample jobs in the search jobs appear made up just to get you interested in signing up for the membership.

Looking further in, Paying Social Media Jobs did charge the $77.00 when I paid for the $1 trial.

So I looked to Clickbank for a full refund based on the 60-day money-back guarantee instead of contacting them directly.

However, I did have a chance to look at those so-called social media jobs inside.

Some of these job descriptions from Paying Social Media Jobs have you doing work in getting companies ridiculously impossible things.

Such as having to get 4,000 hits or likes in an hour, a million in a few days, and other similarly nonsensical items no one can accomplish.

And unless you have some illegal bot software, it’s 100% impossible.

So yeah… it’s definitely a scam!

On top of this, they use a fake Fox News image clip that has nothing to do with nor endorses in any way, shape, or form.

I’ve worked with those that have had a fair share of clients they’ve ad-mined for on their social media accounts.

I can tell you that it takes a lot of time to build your own social media management business.

Take the time to gain proper skills before looking for this kind of work online elsewhere.

Never pay scammers like Paying Social Media Jobs for the chance of taking your time and money from you.

It’s not legitimate, so of course, we do not recommend the scam

Thanks for reading our Paying Social Media Jobs review.

by David Harris | Updated on October 3, 2022, at 10:22 AM CST:



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Really… thanks for the post. I almost joined and paid the “discounted” price. I also Googled “Paying social media jobs” and a ton came up on job board sites. As I was re-reading the ad page I asked myself if I can find those kind of jobs myself do I really want to pay someone to do the same. That’s when I decided to find some reviews. Thanks a ton!

Thanks for the PayingSocialMediaJobs review. I am always skeptical of jobs that require payment from the employee or freelancer.

All the scamming BS says it all in the terms and services. It’s amazing how stupid they think we are, right?

Thank you for the great article. Like those so-called international companies who are hiring Work at Home people I knew it was a money-making scam as soon as I saw it, but thought I would look it up online just to see what other people are saying about it. What’s next? How about a Professional Junk Food Eater? Or a Professional TV Watcher, or a combined Professional Junk Food Eater and TV Watcher? Or a Day Dreamer, a Bird Watcher, a Bus Rider or a Video Game Player, or a New Music Listener? Where do I apply?

johnmckimm1 on :

Thanks a lot was thinking of going for it but as a final check typed payingsocialmediajobs scam and up popped your article. What a great job you’re doing. Just signed up for your site. You just saved my ass

I likе the helpful information you provide in yօᥙr artiϲles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here freqᥙently. I am quite certain I’ll learn a lot of new ѕtᥙff right here! Best of luck for the next!

Yep, another social media scam, if you got to pay money to work ask yourself, does A real job like working for Walmart, Ga. power (electrical company whatever yours is called), or any legit company that you know and would like to work for? Ask any of their employees if they had to pay the company to go to work for them. In simple if one of these so-called online jobs was actually legit. You would not have to pay them to go to work.

Shakti Kumar Jain on :

The review of ‘Paying Social Media Jobs’ by ‘SCAMXPOSER’ is really awakening. In fact, I just click ‘Scamxposer’ from Google search since it was found in the first search place. Thanks for the correct and selfless review saving millions from the fraudulent charges by the Paidsocialmediajobs or is it Payingsocialmediajobs?


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