Essential Email Marketing Strategy

by David Harris

Marketing by way of emailing is still a very valuable method of getting your message or product out.

It is still a good internet marketing method to make money online.

Most companies that conduct business online do have concerns over being deleted alongside the mountain of daily spam, and this is why some sort of strategy is needed to stand out from the rest.

You company has by now or is in the process of building email customers because it still helps in this day and age to keep in touch with both your faithful and emerging clientele.

This is done strategically with certain steps to take to create a foundation for success.

Let’s start with forming a plan. For starters, where is your email going and who is it going to?

When, or specific times and days for optimal viewing, is also important to know.

Is the email something you would open if it was sent to you?

Nothing grows an email list like building trust.

Create specific campaigns for specific target audiences.

Ads and promos for new customers and special rewards for loyal ones go a long way.

Recently, a new business that got a hold of my email address used a mailing program incorrectly and spammed tons of people who had not given consent to being lumped in a massive mailing list.

It took days to delete the angry messages to that company that were CC’d to those on the list back to my inbox, so the main moral of this story is to get approval from those you want to have on your lists so you don’t end up in their spam boxes.

The other moral is to make sure you don’t Carbon Copy, or, CC everybody so they can see each others’ addresses.

Use a list building practice for your website as well.

An opt-in banner or button on your front page, or a simple email address entry to register, is effective in getting approval and a chance to engage.

Engaging can be done through automating replies that can consist of many different campaigns, whether seasonal, newcomer, or annual sale, or specific send outs to specific customers.

Inviting people to join the list through your social media sites is a great way to gather more prospects to email special offers.

Each offer could direct those interested in only a certain product or offer can be saved in their own separate sub-lists.

Get to the point, get their interest, get them in action, but do it engagingly so they keep you in mind. Eye catching subject lines, funny, informative videos, and personable messages can get them in.

Again, test, test, test.

Always be the first recipient of your send outs and proof the work before emailing it to any one else.

Instantly have something they can immediately see to take action on in the emails you send, and be consistent in how they see it so it’s brands in their minds.

Speaking of branding, make sure your logo is in there somewhere, as branding retention is vital.

Other things to test are send out regularity in terms of weekly and daily as well as time frame patterns.

As time passes on your campaigns, take time to take apart the info and find the outcome of each segment of the campaign as you go, in order to improve your plan.

Segments include how the message went over, how many engaged in what you offered, how many got tossed without opening, etc.

Analyzing the results can help craft more successful campaigns each time, but try not to be too infrequent or too intrusive is a good way to begin with.

In general, it’s like having relationships.

Make sure your customers want to stay in one with you. Connect, build trust, and keep them happy and your email list will grow and prosper.

I maintain a healthy email list I’ve nurtured through my years as a successful marketer and encourage you, my dear ScamXposer readers, to begin building them if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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