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Todays Online Review

Todays Online Review Scam Review by David Harris “Todays Online Review”, by Theresa Andrews, with a “byline” by fake reporter Jason Goodman and found at news, is a horrible tactic scammers use frequently to give the scam site the appearance of a news editorial. The fake news site then points to some awful scam site that lures people into wasting their money. This time it goes to Cash From Home which uses a fake working mom name, Mary Rogers. …

Smart Finance Daily

Smarter Finance Daily Scam Review by David Harris “Smarter Finance Daily” – or SF Daily, by “Kim Swartz” and found at, and, is an ad posing as a fabricated newsletter that redirects you to a scam we’ve previously exposed: Work At Home Institute (Is NOT an institute!): and       Click HERE for the #1 Free Paid Surveys – Join Free Now! The fake news page stars a fictional working mother they call Kim Swartz, which has …
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