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Work At Home Edu

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Work At Home EDU Scam Review

by David Harris

“Work At Home Edu” or “WAH EDU”, by Michelle Robinson and found at from a fake news site, is an online ‘training course’ scam for “work from home” advice you can get pretty much anywhere on the net for free.

“Work At Home EDU” comes complete with the inspiring story from fake mom “Michelle Robinson” and the stock photo meant to represent her image.

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Also, fake samples of income checks showing samples of money you might receive too if you pay to get their Work At Home EDU course.

Work At Home EDU states that you can make a lot of money in only an hour a day and that you need no experience or skills, because anyone can do it.

Yet, WorkAtHomeEDU never quite explains what it is you’re being taught in their work at home course.

For a fee of $97.00 to register, Work At Home Edu initially says you get a 365 Day Make Money Guaranteed refund policy.

However, it is conditional, as you will find out whether you read their fine print or not.

It really is a 60 day policy with restrictions. The policy says you will only get a refund if you followed their course to the letter.

There are other legal term twists that when understood will have you run away fast as possible.

Now, at the heart of the “Work At Home Edu” scam model is what’s known as Auction Listing.

They say they will train you to become an Auction List Agent, but the truth is there are many places you can learn about this for little to no cost. Even eBay shows you how to do it.

At this point I’d also be remiss if I didn’t point out that there is no real certification, nor “online school degree” needed for work from home business opportunities.

But you can see how the gimmick would entice those who don’t know any better.

On top of that, you will fall prey to Work At Home Edu’s third party partner companies who will inundate you with calls and emails and more by allowing Work At Home Edu to share your personal data with them all.

Whether or not you are on the national DO Not Call list, you give them permission by agreeing to the terms.

The endless parade of persuasive sales calls to get you to needlessly spend thousands more on worthless “business coaching” they charge thousands for.

If you do happen to get caught in the snare of one of the better salespeople and several thousands of dollars later you have nothing to show for your investment, don’t be surprised. It’s what they do, and they do it extremely well.

In no uncertain terms do I approve of, or recommend Work At Home EDU as a way of making a living on the internet.

“Work At Home Edu” is a scam of huge proportions and is absolutely not recommended.

Thanks for reading

– David


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8 Comments/Reviews

This is a total scam which I found out after paying $77.00! My desperation to start a work at home business caused me to fall prey to this scam. How can I try to get my money back or alert BBB about this trap. Thank you for listing legitimate online businesses. will try again but plan to check first.

Linda S Clark on :

I check the site and all sorts of scams and warnings. I paid $47 to join and I want my money back. I was checking for a phone number to call and they must be avoiding calls. I very upset that there are people need to earn money and they are scammed!

I got taken by this “company” as well for close to $7,000. Then they hit you with “oh, you’ll need $XXX for a drop shipper. Okay – it was supposed to be an easy at home very little work on my part. NOPE – selling stuff on-line using their “training”. Then later, you could be trained to do the easy thing. I want my money back – very desperately need it.

Unsatisfied customer on :

They are very aggressive with their tactics. This is a scam. Why do they yell at their customers? If you don’t spend thousands of dollars then they get upset. Your $97.00 application fee turns into thousands of dollars. They want you to charge their services on your credit card? Check out the BBB website. I wish I never contacted this “business” or provided them with my number. They only care about how much money you will spend. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!

Wow! I tried registering this morning twice but my card declined at both times!!! they called to follow up but missed their call and called them back not long ago…i explained i didn’t understand why my card declined even though i have the funds in the bank!!…so told them i’ll check t out then try to register again. so figured the card declined cz i hadn’t updated my address to match the card info. so changed the info on my account…i then googled the website which he gave me so i can register again…but before i could do that…i saw this link and opened it….and boy! ain’t i glad i did!!!! all this happened today!!!!! gosh….desperation is not a good thing at all!!!! Lord thankyou for allowing my card to decline!!!!!!!!!! thnku David Harris for the warning!!!!!!!!

TOTAL SCAM. They would not stop trying to upsell me. I asked for a rrefund. 6 weeks and many requests later, I am still waiting.

Regina Williams on :

I have already enrolled in WAHedu and paid $47.00. As a fact I’ve enrolled twice and paid $47.00 twice. Now I want my money back. Should I sue them or what???


thank you for informing me of the websites that are scams, however i have already enroll in WAHEDU and paid $47.00 how do i get my money back?


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