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Vemma Business Review

Vemma by BK Boreyko, found at, is a nutritional supplement Multi-Level Marketing business that is more interested in you recruiting more people than they are about selling its product.

This is because the product gets sold to those you recruit, as well as yourself, to the tune of about $150 to $600 and up.

One of several concerns with Vemma is that the products it sells are marked up several times higher than similar items you can find in stores.

As one of their reps you will spend at least a few hundred per month just on the product, not to mention what advertising and marketing costs you would incur.

Investment on getting the word out is necessary when dealing with mlm, unless you want to bother your friends and family to buy from you, and that never ends well.

Usually though, the only ones really make succeeding are the ones on top of any multi-level marketing scheme.

You might end up making a little money with Vemma, but most of the time, people on the bottom rung just end up with a garage full of supplements you can’t even give away.

The outcome is invariably the same for 99% of the people who jump into risky ventures like this.

Even government agencies have investigated Boreyko for making unsubstantiated claims that his products are actual cures.

Vemma tactics are to mostly go after the young college kids who don’t know better.

They are promised jobs then told they must buy the drink supplement products called Verve in order to sell them in order to make a profit.

So you have to ask yourself if a big supermarket would make you buy a half an aisle worth of groceries that most people would not normally buy at two or three times the going price that you have to sell yourself in order to get paid.

This is basically what it comes down to. Except that your main “job” will be to keep talking others into buying those aisles of goods and keep bringing more people in, ad nauseum.

Vemma MLM is not a business model we recommend here, as most of those people end up in debt and saddled with useless product.

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