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Site Sell / Site Build It / SBI Review

by David Harris

Who is “Site Sell”? SiteSell Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada managed by 60 professionals from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Founded by visionary leader Ken Evoy, SiteSell has developed an almost cult-like following after successfully instructing over 100,000 novices – including solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, work at home moms and retirees – on how to build websites that outperform large competitors at less than a dollar a day.

No company in the world does what SiteSell does.

A 30 minute video shows the complete picture:


SiteSell’s flagship product, Site Build It (SBI) is a step-by-step, all-in-one tool kit for developing a Top 3% website in terms of free, organic search traffic.

SBI empowers ordinary people to successfully research, conceptualize, build, market, and host ”best of breed” Web sites across the globe.

If you don’t already have an existing offline business, SBI! will teach you how to build a website around one of your hobbies, passions, or interests.

In a league of its own, SBI is the only Internet business building tool and methodology taught at over 25 Colleges and Universities around the world:

Site Sell / Site Build It eliminates technology barriers and keeps the process simple.

With over 70 time-savings tools and easy-to-follow training modules, SBI empowers people to focus on building their business instead of fighting technology and mastering Search Engines.

SBI provides all the tools training, software, and support necessary for proven-success, all in one-place.

Simply put, SBI! offers customers a simple proven formula that builds long-term Internet success.

Here is a detailed breakdown of everything you get when you sign up:

Site Sell / Site Build It Customers have 24/7 access, guidance and support every step of the way including: a step-by-step Action Guide, customer support, world-renowned forums, RSS Feeds, a Blog, cutting edge business-building and marketing tools, and best-of-breed partner resources.


As the ultimate “Anti-Get-Rich-Quick” company, SiteSell delivers truth, hope, real results to its clients.

As a result SiteSell has established an almost cult-like following. This link goes to over 150 customer-submitted YouTube videos.

Where else do you find this sort of “fanaticism?!

SiteSell is the only company that delivers all you need to succeed; (1) the process, (2) the tools (3) total guidance, mentorship, and training (including 24×7 support and the world’s “most supportive” forums.)


SBI!’s “secret formula” for helping its clients reach millions of niche-oriented, pre-sold customers through its proprietary process is called “C.T.P.M.”.

The goal is to develop quality Content which drives free Traffic which then Pre-sells and finally converts to Money.

Most importantly, SBI! teaches customers how to Monetize traffic at every touchpoint.


If increasing web traffic is important to you, then you will be happy to know: 62% of SBI! sites are in the Top 3% of all sites on the Internet!

In other words, 62% percent of SBI! clients beat 97% of Internet competition in terms of organic search traffic.

The truth is, maximizing online sales and driving tons of free organic webtraffic is one of SiteSell’s biggest benefits.



Customers can purchase SBI! for an annual, all-inclusive price of only $299.

SBI! tools are valued at more than $5,000 if bought through other sources: SBI! delivers high-value, proven-results, an all in one low price, and is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Source: SiteSell | Site Sell | Site Build It | SiteBuildIt | SBI | Ken Evoy

SX Review – There are seven reasons why I highly recommend Site Sell and their flagship product Site Build It! (SBI).

First: SiteSell’s long track record of success.

Since 1997 SiteSell has helped over 100,000 build successful top 3% websites with no prior experience.

And when I say “successful” consider this fact: 62% of the people who sign up for SiteSell’s flagship product Site Build It! (SBI!) end up with a website in the Top 3% of all sites on the internet in terms of traffic.

In other words, 62% of their clients beat 97% of the competition in terms of “free” web traffic on the net — And that stat becomes even more impressive when you consider that virtually all of their clients started with virtually no experience.

Second: SiteSell doesn’t just “claim” successful results, they PROVE it

In stark contrast to many “Get-Rich-Quick” offers out there that provide 3 or 4 case studies on their site Site Sell puts their money where their mouth is by providing overwhelming proof of success.

For instance, here is a link to over 500, Top 1% websites build with Site Build It! (SBI!)

Here’s another link to 21 in-depth case studies:

Here’s another to some home page screen shot with site owner testimonials:

Here’s another to a page that delivered a wide variety of “proof.”

Third: SiteSell’s almost cult-like reputation for over delivery and client satisfaction

And this truly is one fantastic way to gauge the true-quality of a product.

Their clients truly LOVE themI’ve really never seen anything like it.

This link goes to a page that features tons of unsolicited, customer-submitted videos from clients “gushing with appreciation”

If you poke around, you’ll actually find one of a guy almost crying with gratitude

(“Why Oregon Coast Guy Loves SBI!)

Where else do you do you find this sort of customer fanaticism?

Forth: SiteSell’s total commitment to client success.

Ken Evoy, the Chairman and Founder of SiteSell is a man who many consider to be the “Father of Internet Marketing.”

But what impresses me is Ken’s total dedication to his clients.

After a little research, I realized that Ken Evoy has personally made over 5,400 posts in his user forums! all to help his people succeed.

I later learned that a number of “SBI!ers” (as SiteSell calls them) pooled together some money just to buy Ken a birthday present!

Fifth: SBI! makes business-building fun

One reason you may want to choose SBI!; it just may be the most fun you can have while building a businessAt least that’s what many SBIers claim

I can understand how this might be possible

They have world-class training, that doesn’t eliminate the work, but breaks the work down into small “doable” bits that virtually anyone can handle.

But in regards to “fun” SBI! is the perfect platform to build a site around one of your current hobbies, passions, and Interests…

(many work-at-home moms and retirees choose this rewarding route)

SiteSell is definitely not a “Get-Rich-Quick” company.” On the contrary, their mascot is the Tortoise and the strong message from Ken Evoy is it takes “Brains and Motivation” (BAM) to succeed in any business

And as you can probably guess, I like that message; because it’s real

If you sign up for Site Build It!, and if you follow their training system to a “T” you statistically have a 62% chance of owning a Top 3% site, with hundreds if not thousands of free visitors from the search engines which is pretty good odds in my book.

Sixth: Although SiteBuildIt! is great for “newbies,” Experienced Webmasters love it too.

If you are a busy WebMaster you may appreciate the fact that building a Site using Site Build It! will save you so much time.

I won’t get too into “how site build it does this in the review, but if you are more “advanced” and want to see how SBI! can help you leverage your time while increasing your client’s site traffic check out the following links: and

A few quick points for advanced users:

Since SBI! is compatible with popular HTML editors (ex., Dreamweaver) and image tools (ex., Photoshop, Flash, etc.), you can easily use advanced page-building techniques, if you like.

To announce your site to Search Engines, you would normally (without SBI!) need to submit a specialized file called a “Sitemap XML” file. SBI! does that for you, automatically.

This is a huge time saver, and enables you to quickly achieve wider distribution and attract more targeted free traffic.

Search Engine spider / listing / ranking reports, let you see how your pages are being handled by the Search Engines.

You can see what pages rank best and drive traffic.

Each report’s insights help you to determine how to increase traffic and monetization.

Most pros don’t have easy and reliable access to this type of information.

SiteBuildIt! includes Value Exchange (VE) for finding and managing high value inbound links (another criteria for ranking highly at the engines and building traffic).

This automated inbound link-building tool saves time for what is otherwise a tedious time-sucker.

Infin It! (a module included with SBI!) enables you to plug third party resources into your Site Build It! site.

You can add forums, shopping carts, datafeeds, blogs and other server-side functionality.

Infin It! brings you an SBI! site with no limits.

Content 2.0 (another module included with SBI!) allows your site’s visitors to create content for you.

Turn any page on your site into an invitation for your visitors to add content.

C2 then allows other visitors to comment and rate the page much like on a blog.

This means your site will have more Search Engine attractive pages.

Having more site pages means the Search Engines will rank your pages higher and that leads to more traffic.

A chain of events that simply started through the contributions of your visitors!

Seventh: SiteSell has the best Money-Back Guarantee in the business:

SBI! has the best money back guarantee in the business bar none It’s not just a “30-Day money back guarantee” it’s actually a “Lifetime, Better Than Money Back Guarantee” If after building your site, let’s say 7 months down the road, you decide you’d rather not make money with your site;) they’ll refund your last 5 months and let you keep the website you created!

PS If you want a little more information, I highly recommend watching their 30 Minute Video Tour.

It’s entertaining, informative, and provides an excellent overview.

Follow this link for more information:

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