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Partner With Paul

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Partner with Paul Review

by David Harris

“Partner with Paul”, found at, is a marketing plan created by Paul Myers.

Although he claims he’s making over a million dollars by using his own program, there appears to be quite some doubt as to whether he is or even could.

When you sign up, you get referred to the “Partner with Paul DVD kit”. You also get a step by step plan, the business opportunity and a business coach but there is very little information about all of this upfront.

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Paul just doesn’t come right out and say what you’re partnering in with him and I suspect that that is of course intentional.

You don’t even see his last name anywhere on the first page presentation, which can be construed as highly suspect.

Partner with Paul charges you shipping for the DVD and if you don’t cancel within twenty days they tack on a thirty dollar fee every month.

Partner with Paul won’t tell you this because you then become part of his downline so he can make money from any further purchases you make.

The DVD from Partner with Paul is, disappointingly, about Herbalife, a well known and established MLM business.

This DVD is as basic as it gets with no real help to succeed with an Herbalife business.

So you’re basically dragged into a bait and switch. So, you just end up getting charged for something you can easily find for free elsewhere online.

There are voluminous complaints about “Partner With Paul” for this reason alone, yet there are many others as well, like having a tough time trying to get a refund once you have gone past their 20 day time limit.

No way to tell if the earnings Paul claims are true either. Lots of false promises with this one.

I’m going to give “Partner With Paul” a resounding NO!

Save your time and money and stay as far away from Partner with Paul as you can.

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