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MonaVie Scam Review

by David Harris

MonaVie by Dallin A. Larsen, found at, is a rather unusual phenomenon. A forty dollar fruit juice only sold through the multi level marketing model by their members, average non mlm people, to friends and family.

Latest update May 2015: A federal judge temporarily halted a deal that would transfer almost all the assets of MonaVie Inc. to a Florida company that had foreclosed after the Utah nutritional fruit-juice purveyor defaulted on a $182 million loan.

MonaVie claims it has about a million nonsalaried sales people and has been around since 2005. Because it’s a private business, they don’t have to show proof, but very few of them make any substantial earnings worth mentioning.

MonaVie does have many who like, buy and drink the product at the wholesale price. Some of the salespeople are even notable figures and sports celebrities who say it helps their health and careers.

You pay about forty bucks to join and a quota of selling at least 8 bottles monthly and recruiting is up to you. MonaVie has been reported to have less than only 1% of that million sales force qualify to earning commissions and 10% making only about $500 monthly.

MonaVie has had its share of legal problems from some of its sales people making outrageous claims that it’s a miracle cure. Government health and food organizations deem the juice to be just expensive flavored water.

Documentaries have shown that it’s not any healthier than soda. Labs have shown this to be an accurate statement. Even MonaVie CEO’s memo that was discovered had the same message to someone.

I could go on about the pages and pages of scientific findings I came across in my research, but the bottom line is that despite lawsuits of false advertising and marketing and other issues, no one seems to be making any money at this.

Nobody but the people at the top just like you will find in most mlm ventures. If you are looking for a viable way of making a living from home and independently, keep on looking. MonaVie is not it.

Now, because those who are making a pittance are getting paid that pittance, I can’t call it a scam, but I will say MonaVie will not be recommended by me anytime in the foreseeable future, if ever.

Thanks for reading

– David


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