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Type of Business: Voice Broadcast Lead Generation
Skill Level Needed: Beginner / No Internet Experience Needed
Income Potential: $1,000 - $10,000+ per month
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IBuzzPro Review

by David Harris

What “IBuzzPro” has to say about itself – If You Can Press A Button… You Can Have Potential Customers Actually Calling You… Within Minutes! It’s True…

Automatic Recruiter can dial 10,000 numbers in 30 minutes… and yet you will spend less than 5 minutes getting the Broadcast ready… then simply ‘Press A Button’ and let it do ALL the work!

Your phone will start ringing off the hook almost instantly… with Hot Prospects calling you!

In your Software Package, I’ve included a simple 3-Step Formula to help you make huge returns… with absolutely NO up front selling on your part.

Experience The Unlimited Benefits Of Voice Broadcasting…

You Can Be Set-up And Making Sales 24 Hours From Now.
I Will Show You Where To Find The Best Leads To Broadcast To.
I Will Teach You The Simple Techniques To Profit Daily!
Our Platform Can Call 10,000 Leads In Less Than 30 Minutes!
Phones Ring Off The Hook With Prospects Calling You!
Never Make Another Outbound Prospecting Call!
Contact Your Sales Organization With Motivating Messages!
Automatic Recruiter Does The Sifting And Sorting For You!
No Hardware To Buy!
No Software To Download!
NEW State Of The Art Voice Broadcasting Platform!
Sales Training and Support Webinars!
Deliver Your Message To Thousands Of Leads Within Minutes!
Builds Your Sales Team Much Faster!
Gives You The Unfair Advantage!
It’s Like Hiring Hundreds Of Telemarketers To Call Your Leads!
Attract New Partners To Your Team!
Produce Serious Prospects Who Call You Back Within Minutes!
Increase Your Sales And Profit Fast!

iBuzzPro Automatic Recruiter Voice Broadcasting System…

Here’s How It Works…

There’s no software to download and no hardware to install. Everything is web based and accessed by using your LOGIN and PASSWORD.

It’s easy to use.

First… you’ll record a short message about your business. Then… click on a file of phone leads and download them into your new Automatic Voice Broadcasting platform.

Then… press the send button and your Voice Broadcaster will call everyone on your phone list and deliver your message.

With the right message… & the right opportunity… your phone will be ringing off the hook with Red Hot Prospects who are calling you!

So Stop Wasting Your Time Chasing Prospects – Now, you can have prospects chasing YOU!

This is the most time efficient and cost effective prospecting tool in the market.

It’s the perfect marriage between the Internet and the Phone…

IBuzzPro Movie

Source: IBuzzPro | I Buzz Pro | Ibuzz Pro | John Breck

IBuzzPro – is a marketing tools company specializing in Voice Broadcast with over 2 years of experience.

Voice Broadcasting simply allows you to send a recorded message … usually a minute or less … to all sorts of lead lists.

You can have an almost unlimited number of people calling you, interested in what you have to offer, on a regular basis.

iBuzzPro will help you promote any product or service on or off the Internet, whether you are in Direct Sales such as Real-estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Home Improvements, Retail Sales or Network Marketing.

The market is huge… think about how many people are on the Internet right now struggling to make any money from home. One of the main reasons people do not succeed is because they lack a constant supply of highly qualified prospects to market to.

When someone calls you from a voice broadcast, they are essentially raising their hand and letting you know that they are VERY interested in what you have to offer!

The iBuzzPro Voice Broadcasting System is absolutely the coolest Internet Marketing tool I have EVER seen!

Also… IBuzzPro is an incredible business opportunity in and of itself. You make $500 on every $577 sale (after the first 2 sales where you make $250 each) with the possibility of also making $250 from every one of your referral’s first 2 sales.

Follow this link for more information:

Thanks for reading…

– David


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