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Body Wise International

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Body Wise International MLM Review

by David Harris

Body Wise International, by Bill Farley and Thomas T. Tierney and found at, is a health and beauty aids company that uses multi level marketing – MLM, as its main source of revenue.

It is also plagued with lawsuits and allegations of false claims of having cancer and HIV cures, which brought them trouble from the government.

Body Wise International recently had to settle for millions for lying about their product to the public about claims of miracle cures their products supposedly produced.

Many other mlm skin product companies have done the same thing, but these guys got slapped on the hand to the tune of 3.5 million dollars!

By now, most of you, my regular readers, know I am not even close to being a fan of the mlm business model.

The only people who make anything worth writing home about are the people at the top, and the rest below spend thousands “investing” until they realize it’s a losing game.

It’s no different with Body Wise International.

When you take into consideration this very big red flag and then you add all the allegations of racketeering to the usual MLM tactics used by companies like Body Wise International, you can see they won’t be getting anything near a seal of approval from us.

The usual practice of making their “distributors” focus on recruiting people for their pyramid-like down-line is in place.

The products become second place and are over priced with high mark ups, so that the sales people have no choice but to recruit others to keep recruiting others.

Selling the product is an afterthought.

Therefore, those who work with Body Wise International are busy trying to get friends and family involved at the expense of their relationships.

Same tune, different company.

You will end up spending thousands of dollars on product you will have a tough time selling, and those you recruit usually don’t last long under you.

We do not recommend Body Wise International as a way of making anything in the way of a living income.

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David R. Wilbur on :

I am not a fan of MLM marketing for the reasons you expressed. But many of the Bodywise products are superb and I have continued using them to great effect years after I dropped out of the business. I spent some time comparing and trying to duplicate their results with no success. Too bad the “business” besmirches the quality of the products. Tom Tierney is dedicated to changing the world through increased health. The research he has led has truly led to some amazing products.


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