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World News Job and Employment Trends

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World News Job and Employment Trends Review

by David Harris

“World News Job and Employment Trends”, by Raena Lynn, with a byline by nonexistent journalist Brian Price, and found at

It’s another one of many link posting scams that use the fake news advertorial web design.

An advertorial is a recent scammer phrase that denotes a hybrid of advertising sales copy and editorial news styled writing.

It supposed to make you think you might be reading a news report.

The site might look like a typical news ad but it is far from it.

However, the crooks that run this site throw every trick they can at you so that you’ll take it seriously.

This link posting scam comes in many forms.

And this design is a slight variation of other fake advertorials.

Their goal is that you believe the fake content so much that you eagerly go the link posting scam site they redirect you to, Automated Daily Income.

Once there, the next goal is to get you to believe that malarkey and pay to join their membership, but more on that in a moment.

Posting advertisement links on websites and ad spaces means you usually have to go out of pocket to buy space for your banners.

And you certainly won’t get just one big check like one they doctored up here.

The reason for that is you get paid many separate checks in much smaller amounts by the different companies you’re promoting.

This means you are on the hook for whatever you invest.

Doing this with a scam such as the one World News Job and Employment Trends redirects you to is not sound business.

This site leads you to believe you will make a huge pile of money with the shady program they promote.

But the information they provide is half baked, meaning incomplete, and out of date.

Of course, there are some good affiliate programs you can join and the honest and legitimate ones are almost always free.

This scam ad, dressed as a fake editorial, not only wants you to pay $97 dollars initially.

Even though the pop ups bring it down to about fifty bucks if you try to exit, but they also charge a monthly fee.

If that’s not a red flag, then we warn you that you may find small charges you did not authorize under different shell names on a monthly basis, too.

To add, any information you give them will be sold to third party clients who will spam you with endless scams of their own.

But this still isn’t the worst of it.

Once you’ve joined, and given them your banking numbers, their so called team of “internet wealth experts” will go after you to sell you more junk.

These hoods are nothing but boiler room hacks who stop at nothing to pry as much money as they can out of you.

And they are really good at what they do.

So much so that many people complain about these scammers ripping them off for as much as tens of thousands of dollars in some extreme cases.

They use gimmicks like phony certifications such as Search Engine Agent and Wealth Development Certification programs to make their snake oil sound good.

In every instance, they sell you a bill o’ goods for nothing in return.

The ‘business coaching’ consults and systems you buy are all ineffectual and worthless.

In case you are wondering, there are no refunds.

Once they’ve drained you dry any support or customer service you were dealing with suddenly vanishes from your reach.

We get many complaints from our dear readers who found our reviews too late to take measures not to do business with the scam sites like World News Job and Employment Trends.

The best you can do if this happened to you is to contact your bank and have them cancel the cards and account and start all over again.

Absolutely no good will come from believing anything you read on World News Job and Employment Trends scam advertorial and the evil lair they drag you to.

Stay away from these scams.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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