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Work From Home Wizards Scam Review

by David Harris

“Work From Home Wizards”, by Sari Balhi and found at, is a data entry jobs scam site that actually promotes their useless affiliate program.

As a general rule, when scams like Work From Home Wizards charges you to join, you should already be on the alert, but if you’re new to all this, here are a few red flags to watch out for.

Real authentic data jobs online are just like any other job you search for.

You have to fill out an application, someone contacts you, they have you do a typing speed test, etc.

The way Work From Home Wizards works is you pay them about fifty bucks to join.

That right there is red flag number one.

Work From Home Wizards doesn’t actually provide you any jobs.

They only provide third party clients that actually offer work from home online home business opportunities.

Those also charge you to join, and like Work From Home Wizards, they will charge you a monthly fee on top of the join fee.

Red flag number 2.

Red flag number three is the hype Work From Home Wizards pushes about making loads of money for only a little bit of work per day without needing skills, experience or anything of the kind.

Unlike the unrealistic Work From Home Wizards hype, real data entry jobs are just like a day job.

You log in, and the company site computes your billable work hours for which you get paid.

Work From Home Wizards offers nothing of the kind.

All they have are empty promises. Understand that the real data entry jobs described above never charge you join fees.

Also, you will come to realize that scams like Work From Home Wizards all offer the same hype with and all you end up with is a lighter wallet, so if they have a fee to join it’s best to steer clear.

Here’s what happens if you don’t. Work From Home Wizards only offers promoting and advertising for them and their clients on your dime without compensation.

So you end up spending rather than earning with Work From Home Wizards.

Worse red flag, once you realize this and try to get a refund you will learn real quick there’s none to be had.

This also happens if you don’t steer clear of Work From Home Wizards.

Once you pay in that means they now have all your personal information and credit card data.

That makes you vulnerable to not only any kind unscrupulous unauthorized charges, but also your personal info is sold away to their highest bidders.

Before too long you will be inundated with spam and endless phone calls from the third party clients to which Work From Home Wizards sells your info.

Just about all of those are scams, too.

In fact, every one of them will do just about the same rip off act on anyone that falls for scams like Work From Home Wizards.

You are open season and they are on the hunt. You won’t see any jobs that hire data entry workers inside the “back office”, only endless ads for link posting scams.

One of the worst Work From Home Wizards link posting scam clients is Earn At Home Club, which we’ve previously reviewed here at ScamXposer.

If you happen to pay to join that one, the first thing they do is release the aggressive sales hounds on you to try to get more money out of you.

The Work From Home Wizards boiler room sales hounds use every trick in the book and they are very good at what they do.

Many complaints can be found online from people who got ripped off by them.

There is a slim possibility that you might find one or two actual legit work sites hiding in a sea of spam and scams, but you’re better off looking for those elsewhere without wasting money on Work From Home Wizards’ fees.

I stated before, steer clear of this scam, but it bears repeating.

No doubt about it, Work From Home Wizards is indeed a rip off.

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    You have none of your facts straight here. This is complete slander and I want it removed or will report it to google and your host provider. First off we do not charge any monthly fee, secondly we guarantee jobs by US not third party affiliates and are ALWAYS guaranteed as a member. There is no phone calling involved, no spamming, we do not nor have EVER sold any of the members numbers. The only fact you got right thus far us our name and any other complaints about us on the web are usually from competitors or low rank sites like yourself trying to steal our traffic and make a buck at our expense. This is a warning to take this down. I will file every complaint necessary to remove your site if it is not gone.

    It seems our reportaing is actually accurate, and your company is even on RipoffReport, which says a lot about your “business” practices. We can also report your site to our contacts in the government we are working with, if you so nchoose to take action, but you will only point yourself out to them. Besides, we are protected under the First Amendment freedom of the press rights. I can assure you, we only report facts – and even users who expressed their unhappiness back us up. You have thousands and thousands of unhappy ones complaining about your unfortunate business model (not just “competitors” as you claim), so instead of going after reporters, why not try to have a decent business people woould be happy to be a part of. Believe me when I say that nobody is stealing your traffic nor making a buck off of you, we are actually helping consumers make a better choice than what you have to give them. Many of the complaints I just looked into were from very unhappy former users of your service. We will now bgin the process of alerting the Federal authorities with whom we work, so thanks for calling attention to yourselves. Enjoy your day.


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