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Work At Home Institute Scam Reviews

By David Harris

Work At Home Institute, by Bobbie Robinson (they also use the name Robert Robinson) and found at, is a recent addition as one of many of the online ‘training course’ for “work from home” scams you see everywhere online.

We review and expose them as soon as we find them, and this scam is no different.

Work At Home Institute changes the name of the fake mom Bobbie Robinson although we’ve seen the same stock photo on many of these clone sites, so that right there tells you something.

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I do want to bring up Patricia Feeney, the woman interviewed on the fake news clip.

Through research, I discovered that her interview was from a completely different source which the scammers edited to make it seem like its part of the fabricated news clip they always place on these scam sites.

Feeney herself wrote that she in no way endorses any of these scams.

As outraged as Patricia is, it’s impossible for her to go after these scammers.

There are so many sites they put up that include the fake clip, for her to spend the time and resources it takes to bring them down.

In her defense, we understand her frustration and can say the scammers used her story and likeness without her authorization.

Now, on to Work At Home Institute and their perpetration to steal your money, and the methods they use to do it.

First, they claim you can make a lot of money taking only an hour a day without the need of computer and internet experience or skills.

However, they fail to explain what you would be doing to make that. That’s because the reality is altogether different, and it’s more like a bait and switch con.

It’s near impossible to make anything substantial placing ads through the link posting method offers to teach in their program.

So once you realize it you try to get your money back and instead, they work with all their might to upsell you to a better program, business coaches, etc. Anything they can to get more of your money for nothing.

Work At Home Institute salespeople are so good at it, that we get letters from people who have been cheated by them to the tune of tens of thousands in the worst cases.

Their fine print says in so many words that you definitely won’t get your money back, not even the fee of $97.00 to register.

Try and leave the landing page and the popup window discount goes as far down as $49, and it still is not a bargain.

Just so you know, Work At Home Institute is not an institute of learning of any kind.

There are no diplomas, certificates issued nor is this scam site accredited as an institute.

Beware of tricky titles like Wealth Development Certification, search engine agent program and other nonsense that may look impressive to the untrained eye but mean absolutely nothing.

It’s just another ploy to convince you that Work At Home Institute could be the up and up. Don’t be fooled.

It’s as scammy as they get.

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    Thank you so much I am so dumb I fell for that pitch and payed 67 dollars it got refunded but they don’t seem to understand that I canceled my membership and such they keep calling and sent me an email that said welcome back. What else can I do to make this stop. I’m new to the scamming game they are playing is it wise of me to change my number and card since I only use debit cards?

    I paid $49 for two programs. THEN, I get a call from a Coach named Todd that tried to talk me into using my credit cards to max them out so I was “Investing” in the Mentoring program. I told him, I had just paid everything off and didn’t want to max them out on an unproven program. He said, “the mentoring can’t come free as we are Investing our time and money to also promote you for the return of a “testimonial from you!” I asked for my money back and think they are going to dick me around…I told them refund my $$ or I will start a fraud investigation with my bank! Todd said he would call back today but he would need me to be a bit more Open-Minded and ready to invest before he would send me to his BOSS who would make the decision if I was a good candidate for “MENTORING!” He wanted me to fork over 5 grand…even go ask the Bank to increase my Limits…he promised their goal was to make me $$ so in 4 or 5 months they would have a great “Testimonial!” So mad at myself for thinking this was ok for even one minute.

    Thank you so much. I was one step from considering this “Work At Home Institute ” program. But it is so true ” if it seems to good to be true, it probably is”. Their video’s start off as if the program is reasonably affordable, but I became a bit suspicious toward the end of the presentation, and when I noted the request for a fee without Any sample of the program itself. I can’t thank you enough for This website, you comfirmed my gut feelings about what is obviously a scam!!!!!! Thanks

    They tried to get me. At first U pay $97.00, then a consultant calls you. Personal training at an elite price of near $16,000. On the first call U should have red flags up which I did not. Ask U what Ur credit limit is on Ur charge cards. Will call U back to set up conference. They try to scam U in a range of $19,900 dollars to an elite of $15,900. Talk to U on the phone like an hour and a half and try to pressure U in immediately to buy. OMG…U R kidding me?


    Beware, don’t be scam!!!! If you have: to sent spend money you really don’t have to make money, then don’t. Especially if it sounds too good to be true. Getting rich too quick never worked,. Easy come, easy go. WHP is a bunch of liars who rather scam you and I out of our hard earned money. They rather get their kicks off deceiving abd manipulating desperate people.

    It looks like I made the mistake of not coming to this page sooner. I just signed up for this yesterday, paid $97 plus another $194 for the “VIP package”. I saw nothing but good reviews before I got it, but after I paid for it I started seeing a lot of pages like this. I have already sent for a refund, and it is in progress. Thanks.

    It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you simply shared this
    useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Obietta Elizondo on :

    Getting your money back. Most banks have a form to fill out if you tell them you were scammed. They will return your money within a few weeks.

    Warning…Truly A Scam: One of the main reasons I gave this so called WAH Institue a try was because it offered a 90 day money back guarantee. I purchased the program 10/11/16. I have spent a lot of time listening to their videos and called support several times, I earned $0. I just called to ask for a refund since I am still in the 90 time period. I was told they do not give 90 days, their programs are only 30 days and I know that is not what they say in the online Bobbie Robinson ad. I told the lady that the 90 day guarantee was why I gave it a try. She insisted on 30 days. No ReFund and another lesson learned!

    Hey. I just came upon this webpage. Since we are in the sane profession, There is a plan for you personally. Hit me back, please. Best, Jenny

    total scam, I was very close to use my credit card information, but found this page first!
    Thank you

    This piece of writing will help the internet visitors
    for building up new web site or even a weblog from start to end.

    Were you all directed to a site rory ricords to watch videos in training? If this is a scam wha do i tell my bank to get my money back? Help

    Did yours set you up with the rory ricord site with all the videos for members only? If so and if this is a scam is there a way i can get my bank to refund me the money ?? Help

    i am so upset.i fell into this site and now my mothers account is going to need attention.just trying to do better over here and if it’s not one thing it’s tired of being let

    STOP! Do not pay the $97 to wahedu/ or wahprogram -I had a card declined from making this purchase to be a stay at home worker. THANK GOD for looking out for me and the financial advisers who called upon stopping this purchase to proceed. I know I am smarter than to be sucked into a scam, right. Nope. Not until I called the rep from this scam affilites I asked why it was declined, she said “it is normal for banks to place a hold, just call the bank to lift it and authorize itcall back or go to another site she stated to revalidate. from there I would recieve confirmation via email and links to login… I wishI had seen this site before wasting my time. Disappointed in humans. disappointed in myslef. Lesson learned. Are there aNy TRUE Legitmit work from home jobs?

    I got had this king this was going to something that was going to help me. My hard earned dollars went to someone’s pocket and I got nothing. I will definitely do my research more throughly. I was looking for something to help me not fail me. What a disappointment.

    I thought I had joined a company that was going to be helping me and instead got had. For sure it’s not legit and taking people for their hard earnings. I paid my money and now feeling taken and knowing my hard earned money went for nothing in return. I have tried contacting them in all forms with no success. I know now to do my research throughly.

    Today is October 14, 2016. I have just wasted about 2 hours talking with Ray Punta and my supposed to be coach, Devon Ogden. Yesterday, I spent 30-45 minutes talking with my first contact person Edgar Mancilla. They all sounded so legitimate – even the web-site assures one that this is a totally legitimate program -that is such a big laugh.

    I paid the $97.00 dollars and was supposed to receive the Work At Home Program by Bobbie Patterson. Needless to say, I have not receive it. I didn’t even receive an e-mail showing where I had paid for the
    program. In fact, there has been no e-mail contact from these scammers. They can keep the $97.00 since they seem to really need it. This program is supposed to free you from debt, but they encourage you to use your credit card to the tune of $6,800.00 or more. Some way to get out of credit card
    debt – HA, HA!

    What is even more insulting is the fact that they try to hide behind the face of God to do their dirty
    work! They first find out what type of person you are and then they try to promote the same kind of

    Please heed this warning – do not even contact this program!


    Thanks to you all I’m sitting right here thanking God for stopping me from going to the bank atm to get out money to use for this program, money I don’t have and would be charged an overdraft fee for.

    I just watched this lengthy video and decided not to sign up without doing some research on this Bobbie Robinson chick. First of all, I thought she was too young to have 3 children, unless she started having kids at a very young age. Secondly, it just sounded too good to be true. So now I run into this site while researching. Let’s just say I’m glad I did not sign up. Plus, she talks too damn much.

    I got this website from my friend who informed me regarding this site and now this time I am browsing this site
    and reading very informative posts here.

    I so should have known better, but my times are very hard right now and everything I love is falling apart, so I was desperate for just about anything that’s above the norm. Well after the waste of my $97 to add links and get paid (sounded perfect for me), the very next page was an offering of so much material that it would take a year just to wade through it all. I declined, then the next page was the same thing, but cheaper, I declined again, next page even cheaper, I declined then a phony 404 page cannot be found, and that’s where it left me. I received membership links etc via email which promoted me to contact my “trainer” etc., but by then I was flaming mad and called my credit card company to block the $97 charge which they couldn’t do. Called all of the 800 – 877 numbers etc to hurry and cancel this thing, but all were poor quality answering machine messages. This video about the very page I landed on which I was originally on goes into more detail about this scam. Yeah I got burnt, and don’t usually post anything about anything, but I wanted everyone to know of my experience. I hope this will save people from some pain. -Gary

    Inaam, first off i am very sorry to hear about this happening to you. I also tried to signup for this today which is June 24, 2016 and it kept saying that my credit card was declined. Well i tried a different card and it also came back as declined…well to my surprise they had charged my card but it was credited back to my account immediately. Then i tried to call it kept saying the party you have reached it not able to accept calls at this time. So i clicked on the link to contact us and it provided me another number out of Houston, TX 1-877-915-5908 which it says THANK YOU FOR CALLING CUSTOMER CARE…What the heck is customer care and for what company (I said to myself).
    So i tried to email them with the email that was also provided and it too took me to another site called KAYAKO (YES THIS COMPANY IS A TOTAL RIP OFF AND I AM WATCHING MY ACCOUNT TO MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT TRY TO RERUN MY CARD(S).. Hope this will help others….Oh Yea!!! when i tried the first time to get this, it did not work but as i did state it still hit my account but was instantly put back they say $97.00 but the total charge was $105.00, then they offered it to me for $77.00…as you had stated earlier it will keep going down and down.

    Its always a lot of trouble researching info on seohyun tumblr snsd,
    glad I discovered your scam exposing blog though…so helpful
    Shared on Reddit, they would find this useful

    I have been exploring for a little bit for any high quality articles or blog posts on this sort of space .
    Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this site,
    Reading this information So i am satisfied to show that I’ve an incredibly good uncanny feeling
    I discovered exactly what I needed. I such a lot no doubt will
    make sure to don’t forget this web site and give it a look regularly.

    I ALMOST got sucked into this scam…Thank you SO much for the info! You saved a very broke woman who lost her husband last year a lot more misery than I’ve already had…I really appreciate it. Sorry it happened to you, though…

    It is a scam, but what surprised me is what I read about wat home scams which lists wainstitute as a legitimate among all the scammers. I paid $97.00 and was supposed to have a program that allows me to make money immediately posting links on websites … But instead they showed me a video promoting their program of work at home .. Then directed me to the first step which was supposed to give me my own wepsite for free but when I clicked it requested $194.00 payment which I refused to to pay. Few days later I received a call from someone saying that my file was referred to him to guide e through the process … Asked me questions supposedly to help him placing me at the right job, and mentioned Amazon N Ebay and phone support from home. Told me he will call me again so that his director could talk to me and gave me an eight hundred number to call him if I wish. He left me few voice messages before that giving me the same number to call back. Everytime I called it was like a corporate operator then when I gave them the name they switched me to an answering machine. Then he called me from a local phone that appered on my caller ID. I got the same thing , left a message but he did not call at the time he was supposed to connect me with his director. I called the toll free number lefting him a message mentioning that he missed to call me at the specified time… But never heard from him or them again. The $97.00 has already cleared my card.. Should believe you that it is a scam. Or should I believe the other article that acclaims them as the best of work at home establishment,. Now I am getting to the conclusion that it is a scam. But need som confirmation one way or another. I hope I will find out soon.w


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