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Work At Home Digital Scam Reviews

By David Harris

Work At Home Digital, found at and from Michelle Starr is one of the many rotten schemes we uncover here by the dozens. By this point, you should be familiar with the signs: the as seen on promo citing news channels’ logos; that ‘single mom’ making thousands per month for half an hour a day’s effort. Etc.

Only the one running this scam makes any money here. Sad to say, it won’t be you making the thousands per month in just a half hour a day with “Work At Home Digital”. It just isn’t possible. I’ll explain why, in case this is your first rodeo.

This site is designed for one purpose in mind. Up sell. Hard and fast aggressive salespeople get you to spend more once you sign up with ‘Work At Home Digital’. If you are willing to spend a hundred bucks to start, they figure you’ll spend much more.

This particular site is designed to appear as an authentic site with a video clip of a news report manufactured to manipulate your buying decision. That along with fabricated testimonials and images of income you might make with Work At Home Digital.

Though all this might seem convincing, it isn’t really true. If you’re just about wise to this ruse and exit the main page, a pop up window will offer the same $100 product for $78 hoping it will drive you to reconsider.

“Work At Home Digital” will persist in wildly misleading statements of how much money one can make with them, like the moms who make a doubtful $8,000 a month. It’s no different than all those other work from home scam sites all over the internet.

At the basis of their premise is a scheme involving what is known as link posting. This is an incredibly tough business to make any real money with, and involves further investing. They leave much of this information out of their initial proposal.

The exact dilemma with WorkAtHomeDigital is that it really is a launch pad to their back area racket that will do their best to drain you of as much money as they can by selling you their useless “business coaching” programs that can go for as much as tens of thousands of dollars!

It’s our job to inform you that Work At Home Digital from Michelle Starr is one of many scams like it to stay far away from.

Alternate scam websites:

Thanks for reading our reviews…

– David


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