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Work At Home Data Entry

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Work At Home Data Entry Review

by David Harris

“Work At Home Data Entry” by Timothy Darwin, found at, is a completely fake job scam website.

It was created by the same guy that brought you other scam sites like My Data Team and Global Data Entry.

I realize I opened with the lead but you might want to keep reading so you can learn how to spot scams like WorkAtHomeDataEntry and many others of its kind.

Firstly, be very wary of Work At Home Data Entry or any other fake jobs site that charges you $50 or whatever to join with the lure that they can find you data entry jobs.

WorkAtHomeDataEntry claims that they have a system.

But the only thing they really have are 3rd party clients that only offer affiliate marketing ad posting schemes that don’t pay very much at all.

Even if you did follow everything to the letter.

As it is, the reality of data entry work is that it is a low skill, low wage work that most everybody is capable of doing.

So when scams like Work At Home Data Entry hype up the $1000s that you could make with them that is a huge red flag.

The sad truth about WorkAtHomeDataEntry is that they do not provide even a decent list of data entry jobs.

Only 3rd party scammers who you would have to pay more money to get their link posting kit scams.

Those kits are definitely not jobs.

They are affiliate marketing schemes whose sole purpose is to get you to pay for more up-sells.

All are completely useless business coaching scams.

The coaches are simply high-pressure salespeople that try to get you to waste even more money with them.

Nothing about Work At Home Data Entry and their clients are trustworthy.

Their so-called training is so basic that you can find it elsewhere online very easily and for free.

Any kind of training WorkAtHomeDataEntry does provide is so outdated and unsubstantial that it’s not even worth $1 let alone $50.

The only things at “Work At Home Data Entry” that barely passes for data entry work are those scams that involve placing ads in online classifieds.

That is what is known the link posting scam.

The link posting scams are a bait and switch con games designed to get as much money from you as they can.

Primarily through their more expensive programs that do absolutely nothing to help you make money online from home.

It is as far from legitimate as you can get.

Thousands of people have complained about WorkAtHomeDataEntry and Darwin’s previous scams such as My Data Entry and others.

The grievances registered throughout the internet are endless and angry.

No matter what you do, you will not get a refund from Work At Home Data Entry.

There are thousands that have tried unsuccessfully.

Incidentally, there is absolutely no customer support or address listed on the Work At Home Data Entry website.

Let alone a contact phone number so that should give you a warning.

Even if they did have a phone number, it would only send you to a dead end.

If you do happen to get a reply from Work At Home Data Entry, the majority of those who have say their replies are so vague and full of double talk that it appears like a hostile act.

Work At Home Data Entry is almost exactly the same as Darwin’s other scams, that except for the website design, they offer nothing different or new.

Do not pay this kind of money for something you can find anywhere on the net for free.

Especially if it’s a rehash of another scam.

You are better off looking for real and legitimate ways to make money from home online.

There are absolutely no data entry jobs to be found at WorkAtHomeDataEntry.

Stay away from this scam, WorkAtHomeDataEntry.

There is better authentic data entry jobs site out there, you just have to be careful when looking for them.

Never waste your money on a scam like WorkAtHomeDataEntry that charges you to find a job.

I say again, Work At Home Data Entry is a scam.

Thanks for reading the scam review…

– David


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