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Work At Home Authority

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Work At Home Authority Scam Review

by David Harris

“Work At Home Authority”, by either Michelle Withrow or Michelle Owens, depending on which month you’re looking at the site and found at is an ad site for the worst link posting scams on the internet. The name changes when there are too many complaints from angry ripped off people registering their grievances everywhere online.

Work At Home Authority is essentially a fake billboard site put up on the internet for the sole purpose of advertising several scam sites that rip people off with phony work from home opportunities. The scams they advertise are some of the worst we have already exposed elsewhere on ScamXposer.

I will leave most details of the scams to the other reviews because this terrible sham of a site, Work At Home Authority, needs to be exposed in hopes of getting it taken down once and for all. It begs the question, how are blatantly crooked websites like this and its perpetrators allowed to roam free?

Well, it is very difficult to monitor what goes on in cyberspace. That is why our site is needed. We only cover one small part of the World Wide Web and still these charlatans continue to flourish. Work At Home Authority preys on the innocent newcomers interested in earning a living by working for some kind of online business.

These unsuspecting people really want to work from home to be closer to their families, or reduce their daily commute time and stress, and scammers like Work At Home Authority are right there waiting to pounce. This fake review site has used several fake names on the same exact fictional working woman’s story.

There is no way this fictional character can possibly be a “Work At Home Authority” because, well, she does not exist! The only things this site is pointing you to are identical clone websites selling the same awful crap that are nothing more than a bait and switch con job.

The switch is in the high pressure calls from the salespeople, once you’re trapped, to get you to spend more money on more useless programs you will never get refunds from. Disregard EVERYTHING claimed on Work At Home Authority, seriously.

Thanks for reading

– David


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