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Web Profit Authority Scam Review

by David Harris

Web Profit Authority, by Silver Chimney LLC and found at, is a change of sheep’s clothing for the wolf we call the link posting work at home scam.

The progenitors of these scams have tried other designs for their cons and I believe this is a new tactic.

There are a couple of other links to the scheme, Web Profit Authority, which are: and

The first one, is now locked to members’ login only and the latter goes to a shopping cart, and even though it seems unrelated, it is tied to the Web Profit Authority online marketing scam.

It appears the scammers are aware that the old standard design with the fake working mother is starting to get played out as we expose each and every one of them the moment we find them. Be assured Web Profit Authority is really no different than any of the other link posting scams.

The new design to look out for has the appearance of a “legit” website, but it’s still a scam.

Don’t be fooled.

It also seems the scammers who threw Web Profit Authority together have filled the content with all manner of errors.

Some of the mistakes I noticed on the Web Profit Authority website was grammatical gaffes and syntax errors coupled with an affiliate marketing system that is clearly outdated and useless.

Furthermore, using Web Profit Authority tools will likely end up getting your social media pages and profiles deleted and banned.

Web Profit Authority uses the typical ploy to get you in. They offer it cheap and then start charging you without your knowledge later on. Try and cancel and it’s a nightmare, but the worst of the lot is how they sic their aggressive sales dogs on you to get even more money from your coffers.

Their address is listed in Utah.

Far be it for me to give Utah a bad name, but many of these scams we’ve exposed that do offer an address there have been P.O. boxes with a shell corporation name.

More than several have been tied to a well-known scammer.

Web Profit Authority gives me no reason to be charitable as to it being any different from those.

The real clincher is that it’s connected to a well-known scam called The My Stay at Home Income Program, which is antiquated and full of dead links and other garbage.

They will try and fool you with nonsense business coaching and heap important-sounding titles on you such as Search Engine Agent and Internet Wealth Expert if you sign up with their overpriced scam programs.

You do NOT want to have any part of this one.

Put Web Profit Authority in your rearview mirror fast.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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