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Web Fortune Vault Scam Review

by David Harris

Web Fortune Vault, by Phillip Gannuscia, is using fictional owner names “Mary Johnson”, “Bobbie Robinson”, “Katie Johnson”, Katie Smith and “Jessica Bradley” and found at, is an online business from home opportunity scam run by an infamous scammer known by the name Phillip Gannuscia.

He is and has been constantly under investigation by one government entity or another throughout several US states.

We have warned you about this cretin on previous articles so we are certainly not strangers to his nefarious shenanigans.

“Web Fortune Vault” is another link posting scam, the con of choice by Gannuscia.

It is fairly easy to spot these once you know what to look for, and we will explain in detail just how.

To get things started, the business coaching branch you see on the testimonials section of the “Web Fortune Vault” website’s sales page is currently under investigation by the Attorney General of Ohio.

Gannuscia has already been the target of indictments and lawsuits in Utah and other states.

The Ohio AG declares that verbal promises are made that in about 3 months you can get a return on your investment with them by making $3,000 to $10,000 per month by working only 7 to 10 hours a week, yet “they failed to honor Ohioans’ valid requests to cancel their agreement and failed to provide full refunds.”

Make certain you read the ‘Web Fortune Vault’ Terms and Conditions and other policies, to see that you will actually be doing business with Profit Masters Academy, Gannuscia’s worst scam company.

This is one of the issues being dealt with in court because their testimonials could violate the FTC’s Safe Harbor rules.

Now for the red flags to look for in this and other scams like ‘Web Fortune Vault’.

At the top you will see the logos of news channels, yet none of these endorse this scam in any way at all.

Then there are the generic stock photos they place next to the fictional stories that supposedly belong to the fictional person in the photo.

Stock pictures are also used on the fake testimonials, too.

The verification Trust-Guard seal link does not belong to Web Fortune Vault.

Instead it goes to yet another horrible Gannuscia scam we reviewed a while back, Profit Masters Academy.

These are all a con known as the link posting scam, in which scammers say you can make tons of money with yet fail to describe what it is on the site.

The twisted math on their Web Fortune Vault projected income calculations must be the result of a third grader who was held back because nothing adds up right.

Yet, the worst red flag is one you cannot see.

It happens when you’ve signed up and given them your credit card info and personal data.

This will result annoying phone calls and mountains of junk emails from the third party clients that Web Fortune Vault’s owners sell your data to, but that’s not the worst of it.

The nastiest piece of evil is the high pressure sales call to get you to spend tens of thousands more on Web Fortune Vault’s terrible business coaching programs, which to bring it back around, is what the Ohio AG is trying to throw the book at them for.

This should all paint you a tidy little picture that shows you that this scam, Web Fortune Vault, is an awful business to get involved with.

I do not recommend “Web Fortune Vault”.

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