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Web Education Tool

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Web Education Tool Scam Review

by David Harris

Web Education Tool, by Marilyn Chambers and found at, is another horrible work-at-home mom scam that has just changed its clone content design a little so they can continue to fool those who are desperate for quick and easy earnings.

Web Education Tool would have you believe you can make lots of money with their link posting scam. Sadly, the only ones getting wealthy are those who run this scam. The usual suspect pages that lead you to believe there are only so many “jobs” available, the stock photos, the glowing fake comments, et al, are all present.

This time the fake working mom culprit is named “Marilyn Chambers “. That was the name of a porn actress in the 70s by the way, so they might be playing a joke on you. She will have you believe you can make tons of money with this ridiculously amazing opportunity.

Web Education Tool throws everything at you including the fake credit card statement, the photos of a big boat, mansion, etc. to manipulate those desperate to start their own online business into paying through the nose for this worthless scam.

Then there’s the same tired old fake news clip they never bother to change in all the sites just like Web Education Tool. It amazes me that the news corporations whose logos they steal haven’t demanded they stop!

You never get a clear description of what it is you’ll be doing to make all this income, even when you opt in. Once you are in, beware. This outdated ad link posting scheme is the same garbage in all the previous sites. There is nothing new here.

If you are smart and try to leave the site, don’t fall for the discounted sign up price on the pop up window. It’s not worth that either. All you will get is a mountain of spam in your inbox and nonstop calls from Web Education Tool’s pitchmen trying to get you to waste more money.

This the worst part of this scam. These sales people are notorious for upselling useless consulting or coaching programs that never quite help you succeed and several readers have told us they were taken for as much as $10,000 and up!

Web Education Tool’s refund policy is pretty bad too, but by now I’m sure you expect that to be the case. Their customer support is only mildly supportive as long as you keep the credit card on tap for them to drain.

Believe me when I say nothing good will come of this rotten venture. Web Education Tool is only there to make sure you see your money go away down the drain. Don’t get involved in this scam.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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