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Web Colleagues

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Web Colleagues Scam Review

by David Harris

“Web Colleagues”, by Gary Endres and found at, is a website that at first says it’s about data entry but when you look deeper you will find out it’s about something completely different.

The Web Colleagues bait and switch con involves luring you in with the promise of what may seem like a real and legitimate employment opportunity to the unschooled eye.

They use clever tricks like calling it Work at Home Typing Program, administrative home business service and other phony titles but it’s just a scam.

Then Web Colleagues hits you, albeit rather vaguely, with what it is really about promoting affiliate Clickbank products through Google paid ads.

What this means is not only do they have you pay a $49.95 fee to join, which would be a travesty if it really were a real job website, but you would also have to invest more of your money.

That would entail spending to buy ad space, a pay per click campaign account, etc., or whatever you need to buy to get your ads out in hopes someone would click on them to buy whatever it is you are promoting.

Web Colleagues is as far from true data entry work as you can possibly get, and they are making money from unsuspecting dupes who take the bait and pay the fifty bucks to join.

No one should EVER have to pay to work as a telecommuting worker employed by a real company needing data entry people.

Web Colleagues is deceitful, and is run by a guy whose scams we’ve exposed elsewhere on our site, including My Data Team and Global Data Entry. Beware those others, too.

Web Colleagues proprietorship info is undisclosed but I discovered it’s run by Gary Endres. You won’t find any legit contact info on the site either, even after you join.

The other awful practice Web Colleagues runs is selling whatever personal info you gave them to third party clients so they can endlessly spam you to buy their junk.

As far as Web Colleagues goes, avoid this link posting scam at all costs.

Thanks for reading

– David



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Thank you for posting that the web colleagues is a scam! I always make a habit of checking on these types of “money making” schemes that (how I never know) land in my inbox & I’m always grateful to find a real review that unveils these scammers for what they are & saved me money & an obvious headache, so yes, thank you so very, very much!!!


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