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Wake Up Now

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Wake Up Now Scam Review

By David Harris

“Wake Up Now”, by Kirby Cochran and found at, is yet another multi-level marketing business opportunity to be wary of.

It’s another cautionary tale of spending more than you will ever make, and dragging those you bring with you down with your sinking ship.

The Wake Up Now product is so vapid that the only thing that ends up being made “important” is to recruit others and directing them to do the same.

They are not fooling anybody with a modicum of brains. The service “Wake Up Now” provides is a search engine tool they call a “hub”, for about a hundred dollars a month to join as a member.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I can use Google for free.

I can also use my free “hub” to find the same deals they audaciously charge you for such as vacation and shopping discounts, grocery coupons, magazine subscriptions, etc., and many other services and savings you can easily find on your own for much better deals.

Wake Up Now hub service not only charges their customers for all of that, but they also charge an extra $100 to access their travel discount portal.

Last time I checked, I can access any number of travel sites without having to pay exorbitant fees just to use their search services.

As if this isn’t bad enough, the highest grossing rep only makes around ten bucks a month selling this ridiculous service.

So ‘Wake Up Now’ gets you to focus on recruiting others to this nightmare MLM.

A full time fry cook at a junk food dump makes about twice what the average rep makes in this sorry company.

This leaves you no other option but to try to bring at least the company’s required minimum quota of seven other people under you, and so on, in order to make anything even halfway decent.

The FTC deems structures like ‘Wake Up Now’ a pyramid scheme, when compensation for recruiting others is worth more than for selling the actual company product.

Most MLMs have a 97%+ failure rate. This company proudly exceeds that to 99%. Wake Up Now is ripe with more red flags than the average MLM business.

One more annoying aspect of Wake Up Now is, besides this faulty compensation structure, the aggressive nature of the desperate reps who realize they tied their lot to a losing horse, yet goad you into joining “Wake Up Now”, and even insulting you when their ploy doesn’t go their way.

I’m astounded that “Wake Up Now” has lasted this long, since 2009.

I can’t see this going much longer, unless it’s some kind of front for nefarious financial activities.

I strongly warn you to stay as far away from this scam as possible.

Their own income chart shows 89% of their people make less than 1300 per month.

Do not mistake distributorship issues with free user membership. They are two different things.

We focus on reviewing the MLM part of this losing business. As of April 2014, Wake Up Now has shown significant losses of up to 10 million and there is concern of this company continuing much longer.

It has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I do not recommend “Wake Up Now”.

Thanks for reading

– David


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